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Will DeeLance Dethrone Upwork and Fiverr as the Go-to Freelance Marketplace? Explore Its Web3 and Metaverse Advantages

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 3 min read

As the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted global economies, it catalyzed a massive shift towards remote work and fueled the rapid rise of freelancing as a flexible and lucrative alternative for professionals worldwide.

Leading platforms like Upwork and Fiverr have dominated the freelance marketplace, but the game is about to change with the arrival of DeeLance.

This cutting-edge, web3-powered platform reimagines the freelance landscape with a metaverse-driven marketplace, revolutionizing how creatives and employers connect and transact in a seamless, immersive environment.

DeeLance – Disrupting Global Recruitment Through Blockchain

The freelance marketplace is saturated with recruitment platforms powered by web2 technologies. 

This has triggered overwhelming challenges such as inconsistent employment, high fees, payout delays, and the complex process of finding the most-skilled candidate for tasks. 

To solve these challenges, DeeLance provides decentralization, contract ownership, and user-centric approaches catering to employers and creatives. 

The revolutionary ecosystem also encompasses key exciting features to revolutionalize the $761 worth recruitment industry market

As detailed in its whitepaper, DeeLance asserts that e-learning and the freelancing sector will be major catalysts of the recruitment industry growth due to the evolution of Web3 technology. 

The versatile technology integrated into DeeLance will drive a high level of collaboration between freelancers, employers, and blockchain technology. 

The recruitment platform will see more adoption of DeeLance due to its eye-catching Web3-based freelance ecosystem that promises to offer backend innovation. 

Strategic Pattern to Dethrone Upwork and Fiverr

To disrupt a sector or industry, conventional problems must be addressed and closely followed by seamless solutions.

Although the freelance market is dominated by web2-based platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, Toptal, Freelancer, and Flexjobs, creatives are facing core challenges in the form of inconsistent employment, payment disputes, and contract ownership. 

These platforms offer little privacy to recruiters and freelancers and charge high commission fees on payments, withdrawal delays, and ineffective advertisement. 

Last year, Upwork eliminated up to 2 million freelancers’ accounts for low skill standards and banned freelancers and employers based in Russia and Belarus from using their platform. 

DeeLance asserts that its platform accepts participants from all regions and that there is no room for discrimination. 

The project aims to tap the power of Web3 technology and provide a transparent and legitimate digital workspace that protects both parties. 

With DeeLance, freelancers and employers can connect without third parties, ensuring a fair and efficient system. By eliminating the need for intermediaries, parties can fully own their service and leverage low fees. 

The new recruitment project sensation offers fiat payment for services and cryptocurrency payment for freelancers keen to bypass the high cost of foreign exchange rates. 

Other benefits include an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot for customers and on-chain know-your-customer (KYC) verification to filter bad actors. 

DeeLance Merges NFT and The Metaverse into Its Ecosystem 

The DeeLance ecosystem integrates a cutting-edge non-fungible marketplace and an immersive metaverse. 

Freelancers can tokenize their work via non-fungible token (NFT) technology until agreed payments are released. 

Payments on the platform are fixed into a smart contract-powered escrow that facilitates core transparency and security for freelancers and recruiters. 

When services (tasks in the form of content, graphic illustration, software design, etc.) are approved by employers, payments are then released to freelancers. 

Once done, employers automatically receive the tokenized NFT service as proof of full ownership. They can also leverage the platform’s metaverse technology to create virtual offices and interviews. 

While freelancers can advertise their stellar portfolios in the metaverse to attract more clients. 

The platform’s token, $DLANCE, powers transactions on the recruitment platform, as well as governance and staking. 

Now on presale, the digital asset has accumulated an astounding $88,000 in just two weeks. 

Trading at $0.025 USDT per token, investors now have the opportunity to purchase $DLANCE and potentially earn massive gains when it lists on exchanges. 

DeeLance has just concluded a Binance Live with “Crypto Jamie,” a popular crypto enthusiast. 

Community members who wanted to learn more about the platform’s road maps attended the Binance Live, and strategic concept ideas were well received.

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