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Will $BLP pre-sale on Blast blockchain hit $10 million? Launchpad token shows bigger potential than $ETH and $OP

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Even a 20% slump in the price of Bitcoin cannot derail the train that is the pre-sale of BlastUP, the first launchpad on the billion-dollar rollup Blast. As the pre-sale is about to hit $6 million, and users have only 18 days left to buy $BLP. 

ETH could surge 30%, but rollup ecosystem tokens are a better opportunity – look at $BLP

After rallying past the ATH pre-halving, BTC has finally provided crypto investors with a 20% dip – and some great discounted entries on altcoins. For those investors who believe that a Q3 rally is on the cards, now is the time to decide which alts to add to their portfolios.

ETH remains a good choice: if a spot Ethereum ETF is approved, it could easily rally 30% to $3700. However, let’s not forget that the main beneficiaries of the recent Dencun upgrade are actually rollups, so investors should pay close attention to ecosystem tokens on Base, Arbitrum, Optimism, and – especially – Blast, the first rollup to reach $1 billion in TVL in just 35 days.

Established tokens in these L2 chains, such as $ARB, $OP, $VELO, $AERO, $JUICE, etc. could all potentially provide higher returns than ETH in a bull market. However, the most interesting opportunities are pre-sales, as they allow users to buy into the most promising ecosystem tokens at 20-50% below the listing price. One particularly interesting pre-sale that is still ongoing is BlastUP ($BLP) on the Blast L2.

Why have investors snapped up almost $6M worth of BlastUP $BLP tokens? Spoiler: exclusive access to future IDOs on Blast

BlastUP is the first-ever launchpad on Blast, the hottest new Ethereum rollup. It took Blast only 35 days to reach $1 billion in TVL, its biggest draw being native yield in ETH and stablecoins. It is also part of Optimism’s upcoming Superchain rollup framework.

Over a hundred projects are already building on Blast, and many of them don’t have a token yet. This is what puts the BlastUP launchpad in such a privileged position – as the Blast ecosystem explodes, all the most promising projects will conduct their IDOs there. In other words, BlastUP will have the first-mover advantage.

$BLP token holders will get guaranteed allocations in IDOs on Blast in accordance with a 6-tier launchpad system. In addition, holders will be able to stake $BLP to earn rewards.

BlastUP has already successfully hosted the first IDO, that of the $CYBRO token, while the second one is scheduled for the coming weeks. Meanwhile, BlastUP’s own pre-sale has reached Stage 6, with $5.9 million raised already. With 4 more stages to go, $BLP could easily reach $10 million on pre-sale – an incredible result for a project on a rollup.

Several factors are behind this high level of interest:

  • Access to future IDOs on Blast;
  • Booster Points – special incentive points that users receive when buying $BLP;
  • Blastboxes – weekly giveaways, with valuable NFTs and cryptocurrency as prizes;
  • High audit score by Certik (82 points – among the top 30 pre-launch projects)’
  • Recognition by several leading experts and influencers (including r/CryptoMoonShots);
  • Possibility to buy $BLP with a bank card.

How to join the $BLP presale – only 18 days left in Stage 6

It’s still possible to buy $BLP at just $0.06 per token as long as Stage 6 lasts. When Stage 7 begins on June 1, the price will go up to $0.065.

A big advantage of the BlastUP presale is that investors don’t need to hold ETH on Blast. In fact, many payment methods are accepted:

  • Visa and MasterCard;
  • Ethereum: ETH and USDT;
  • Blast: ETH and USDB;
  • BNB Chain: BNB and USDT;
  • Polygon: USDT and MATIC.

In conclusion: now is the time to get into the Blast ecosystem

Projects built on the Blast rollup could provide strong gains in the next wave of the bull market, especially as the Superchain narrative becomes stronger. Investors should consider positioning themselves in this ecosystem as early as possible – and BlastUP provides the best opportunity for this, with its guaranteed allocations for IDOs on Blast, as well as staking rewards and BlastBox giveaways for $BLP holders.


Buy $BLP on the official website with a bank card

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.