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Why This New Meme Coin Could Outshine Shiba Inu and Dogecoin in 2024

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Fight Night

We are already half way into 2024, and the top meme coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are not living up to our expectations in terms of price performance.

This is when investors should probably look for other potential meme coins.

Even though Shiba Inu and Dogecoin have been popular choices among meme coins, a new contender, Fight Night, is here to take the spotlight.

Let us find out why Fight Night could potentially stand out in the meme coin sector with its features.

Rudy Bundini’s Endorsement Adds Credibility – Next Meme Coin to Explode?

Rudy Bundini, a famous photographer and real estate influencer with over 5.1 million followers on Instagram, posted a story about Fight Night on his Instagram account.

Bundini’s influence is quite large in comparison to his follower count. His followers are likely to trust his recommendations, and his support for Fight Night adds a layer of support to the project.

This can potentially attract thousands of investors to Fight Night coin. Rudy just has an incredibly big following behind him.

As we have seen with many coins, when more investors try to buy a coin, the price could shoot up.

Fight Night Telegram Group

Detailed Tokenomics

One of the key factors that sets Fight Night apart from other meme coins is its well-planned tokenomics. The allocation of tokens is designed to support the project’s growth. The project has also ensured to allocate a portion for the community and donations.

  • Private Sale: 2% (4 billion tokens) allocated for early backers and private investors.
  • Presale: 24% (48 billion tokens) available for public purchase during the presale phase.
  • Staking: 24% (48 billion tokens) reserved for staking rewards, encouraging long-term holding.
  • Marketing: 10% (20 billion tokens) dedicated to promotional activities and expanding reach.
  • Listing and Liquidity: 10% (20 billion tokens) to ensure liquidity and support exchange listings.
  • Development: 12% (24 billion tokens) funding ongoing development and improvements.
  • Project Fund: 15% (30 billion tokens) used for project-related expenses and unforeseen costs.
  • Donation: 3% (6 billion tokens) contributed to various charitable causes.

Engaging Storyline Involving Mike and Jake

The storyline of Fight Night involves Mike Tyson entering a pixelated world where he meets Muhammad Ali. Ali gives Tyson magical gloves to fight against Jake and his gang.

This storyline ties into the real-world boxing match between Tyson and Jake Paul, and also attracts boxing and sports fans to check out this meme coin.

Since both of them are big names in the YouTube and sports industries, Fight Night will attract a broad audience.

Staking Features Reward Long-Term Holders

Fight Night’s staking platform is planned to encourage long-term holding and community participation. Here are some of the latest staking features:

Staking Rewards and Distribution

  • Reward Rate: 570.77 $FNIOhip tokens per Ethereum (ETH) block, distributed over one year.
  • Staking Flexibility: Investors can withdraw their staked tokens at any time.
  • Stakeable Balance: Shows the balance available for staking.
  • Total Staked: Displays the total number of $FNIOhip tokens staked by all participants.
  • Estimated Rewards: Offers up to 56908% per annum, with monthly and daily breakdowns.
  • Current Rewards: Rewards per ETH block, updated dynamically.
  • Claim Rewards: Option to claim accumulated rewards.

With the backing of influencers like Rudy Bundini, a planned tokenomics strategy, a catchy storyline, and rewarding staking features, Fight Night has planned everything that makes it different from Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.

The presale is going on, and the price of the coin is likely to increase as the fight date for Mike Tyson and Jake Paul arrives.

Are you looking to diversify your portfolio? Are you a boxing or fighting fan? If yes, Fight Night could be your next pick.

Follow Fight Night social media channels:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Instagram

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.