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Why Smart Investors are Betting Big on Borroe ($ROE), As Sui (SUI) & Litecoin (LTC) Take a Downturn Spiral

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The crypto market tanked on August 17, severely damaging the performance of many tokens. 

Sui (SUI) and Litecoin (LTC) were particularly affected, especially as they had both been on bullish rallies before the market downturn. 

Now, investors are looking for what tokens still offer good returns in light of the events. Borroe’s ($ROE) name has come up, as it looks like one of the top ICOs after recording a recent 25% price increase. 

Can Borroe ($ROE) bring strong returns in August 2023? Let's see what investors think.


Sui (SUI) Holders Hope Liquid Staking Functionality Can Turn Around The Bearish Fortunes

On July 28, 2023, the Sui (SUI) community passed a proposal to allow liquid staking services. 

Liquid staking is more attractive to many investors because, as the name implies, it offers higher liquidity than non-liquid staking.

Yet, Sui’s (SUI) market performance took a turn for the worse on August 17 when the crypto market crashed. 

Sui (SUI) was trading at $0.63 on July 28, the same day the liquid staking proposal was passed.

However, it fell by 25.3% to $0.47 on August 17 as the crypto market tanked.

As a result, Sui (SUI) token holders are hoping the recently announced “liquid staking” addition would boost its network's adoption. 

Experts say Sui (SUI) might rise by 17.3% to $0.61 due to increased staking activity.

August 17 Crash Forces Heavy Pull Back on Litecoin’s (LTC) Price

Litecoin (LTC) was among the stellar tokens of Q2, 2023. Its network metrics were rising with its price, making Litecoin (LTC) one of the top 5 cryptocurrencies on the market.

Litecoin (LTC) was also boosted by its listing on EDX markets on June 21. 

EDX Markets is owned by institutional moneybags like Citadel and Fidelity Digital assets, leading many to believe the trading activity of Litecoin (LTC) would increase.

Unfortunately, August 17 was a dark day for the crypto market as several tokens, including the almighty Bitcoin and Ethereum, posted significant losses. 

The drop triggered an over $1 billion liquidation from 177,000 traders. Nearly 80% of the liquidated positions were from traders betting that prices would go up.

Litecoin (LTC) was trading at $94.62 on July 30. However, it crashed by 34.1% to $63.51 on August 17 following the market-wide price fall. 

Experts say Litecoin (LTC) could rise by 6.9% to $71.29 if the crypto market recovers quickly, thus boosting general investor sentiment.

Borroe ($ROE) Gains Massive Public Trust From Investors

Borroe ($ROE) Finance has unveiled its plan to redesign the traditional process by which companies generate short-term capital. 

The platform intends to use blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to level the playing field so Web3 businesses and creators won't suffer the difficulties that come with having insufficient working capital.

Borroe's ($ROE) unique approach will allow Web 3.0 companies to use their future revenue to take loans from its marketplace.

The platform eases the process of taking such loans by notifying investors on behalf of companies that use Borroe ($ROE). 

Thanks to high-end blockchain technology, it also keeps consumers and providers of its loans safe.

Borroe's ($ROE) NFTs will be among the most popular NFTs thanks to their high-value real-world utility, enabling users to obtain capital from Borroe's ($ROE) marketplace. 

With Borroe ($ROE), day-to-day business management becomes easy thanks to the ability to generate needed funds on time.

Borroe ($ROE) moved from the Beta Stage to Stage 1 of its presale with a 25% increase, going from $0.010 to $0.0125. 

By the end of its presale, it's expected to reach $0.040 - rising by 300% from its initial price. As a result, experts say Borroe ($ROE) is expected to be one of the best crypto coins to invest in this 2023.

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