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Why Is Metropoly Ready to Take Over Propy and LAToken Following Explosive Presale

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

The Metropoly presale is lighting the entire real estate sector up as investors across the board agree that it’s lightyears ahead of its competitors. Metropoly has devised a new system that allows investors to easily enter the real estate market without needing large down payments, bank loans, or credit checks. 

The two main competitors of Metropoly are Propy and LAToken, both of which are respectable projects but lack the innovation that Metropoly brings to the sector. As a result, investors rushing to METRO, the native token behind Metropoly, believe that the token growth could be explosive once the presale is over and the Metropoly marketplace is live. 

Metropoly Lightyears Ahead of Propy and LAToken

Metropoly is an NFT marketplace that is filled with NFTs that are all backed by real-world real estate properties. The marketplace is a first of its kind, breaking down the steep barrier to entry into the real estate market and reducing the investment time from months to a few seconds. 

LAToken is a blockchain platform designed to tokenize and make tradable assets. The assets can range from equity and debt all the way to real estate properties and high-value artwork. However, as you can see from the offset, LAToken isn’t actually a real estate platform. Instead, it’s a platform that includes real estate as one of its small features. 

Propy is a real estate platform that uses blockchain technology to simplify purchasing a home and eliminate fraudulent transactions. Their main goal is to make it possible for home-buyers to complete their purchase entirely online, but it still uses traditional payment methods such as wire transfers and requires lots of paperwork. 

All three are real estate investment platforms but aren’t created equally. Here are three reasons why Metropoly is lightyears ahead of its competitors

1. Investments start as little as $100

One of the primary driving forces behind the explosive METRO presale is related to the fact that Metropoly allows investors to start their property portfolios with as little as $100. The other platforms have no ability to provide this type of offer. 

Investors can come with as little as $100 on Metropoly because all properties are fractionalized. This means that the entire property is split into ownership segments, which are tokenized in the form of NFTs before being sold individually. 

As a result, investors have the opportunity to purchase a fraction of the property without needing to pay the entire value. NFT holders still retain all their ownership rights as they can sell their NFT at any time and are entitled to their share of the rental yield. 

On the other hand, LAToken and Propy cannot offer this fractional ownership option. LAToken is trying to tackle too many avenues, with their main focus not on real estate investment. Furthermore, Propy requires users to pay for their entire property upfront, without even having a requirement to pay in crypto. They aren’t trying to provide fractional ownership for investors. Instead, they’re trying to let home-buyers purchase their homes online.

2. Generate a True Passive Income

Another reason investors believe Metropoly is lightyears ahead of Propy and LAToken is that the NFTs bought on the Metropoly Marketplace can generate a truly passive income for holders. That means all they need to do is purchase the NFT to start earning a passive cash flow without the owner having to provide any effort or input.

The passive income is generated through the rental yield, often considered one of the most reliable forms of cash flow. The income generated is truly passive because the Metropoly team has taken it upon themselves to manage the property. This means they will handle any property maintenance and find tenants to rent the real estate every month. As a result, NFT holders simply need to sit back and wait for their share of the monthly rental yield to be distributed to their wallets in stablecoins. 

In comparison, Propy has no passive income option. Investors on Propy have to buy the entire property to take advantage of any benefits from real estate. Furthermore, their service is more directed toward home-buyers, so investors will have to handle property maintenance themselves when buying real estate on Propty. Furthermore, they will also have to find their own tenants to earn rental income. As a result, any cash flow won’t be passive. 

3. Democratizing real estate

Metropoly is finally ahead of the back because the platform democratizes real estate. The entire idea behind Metropoly is to create a platform that allows investors to quickly begin their real estate investment portfolio in under 20 seconds. With that, there is no need for banks, credit checks, or mortgages when buying real estate on Metropoly. 

Furthermore, there are no geographical restrictions imposed. So, for example, anybody from around the globe can buy a penthouse in Dubai, a townhouse in Paris, and a luxury property in London with just $300 on Metropoly – without the need for banks, paperwork, or credit checks. 

Conversely, Propy is helping to bring real estate into the digital realm but still has many restrictions. Besides having to buy an entire property, which is out of the option for most, there are still geographical locations. Furthermore, users still have to go through credit checks on the platform and take out a mortgage to purchase the property. 

LAToken doesn’t even have a dedicated real estate platform, and it has no plans to try and democratize real estate to open the doors to everyday investors. 

Metropoly Presale Explodes Past $500K – $1 Million Incoming?

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why investors are rushing to the Metropoly presale, which has already soared past the $500,000 fundraising milestone. The current stage of the presale is the ninth, which sells METRO for a total of $0.0625. 

The presale is using an increasing pricing strategy, so once the fundraising hits the $1 million milestone, the price of METRO will increase. As a result, earlier-stage investors stand to benefit from higher prices once the presale has ended and the token is finally listed on exchanges.

Overall, Metropoly is ready to revolutionize the entire real estate sector by democratizing the industry and opening the doors to everyday investors. The project has created a platform lightyears ahead of the current competition, and investors expect huge growth for METRO once it hits exchanges.

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Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.