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Why Meta Penguin Island Is Everything But A Cold Destination - One Of The Hottest NFTs this winter

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com. 

Within less than two years, NFTs have grown into a billion-dollar sector, with an incredible growth in art collectors and professional as well as casual investors turning to digital art.

From artists, investors, entrepreneurs to collectors, there’s something for everyone in the fast growing space of NFTs.

Meta Penguin Island is much different than your average NFT drop. From the high quality animations that are designed by two of Europe’s most notable digital artists, to the build-up to their entrance to the metaverse this spring, there’s lots to talk about.

What is Meta Penguin Island?

Meta Penguin Island is an innovative community-driven NFT project that's built around a passionate interactive community. 

It's a collection of 8888 unique 3D-animated penguins, categorized by their rarity and generated in 4K resolution with hundreds of detailed elements.

Why Meta Penguin Island Stands Out

1.Created By Major Artists

Lead artists Thomas and Maurice of Mitsi Studio (https://mitsi.studio/portfolio/) in the Netherlands have designed for global brands like Nike, Redbull, Samsung, Adidas, Microsoft, Coca Cola, M&Ms, Mercedes, Porsche, and more.

Thomas Loopstra is the animation wizard. Tasked with one of the most challenging but important parts of any project, he breathes life into characters and environments. He excels in creating and maintaining an overall style throughout the team's work.

Maurice Baltissen is a 3D specialist whose aim is to deliver perfect illustrations and animations with incredible attention to detail. He’s constantly striving to break new ground visually, and to reach new heights in terms of the quality of his work. Global players and industry-leading brands have turned to the two European artists, who have now dedicated their work to a unique chance for personal investors and collectors to own a piece of their artwork. 

2. Mind-Blowing Trailers

If you need an example, here’s their first two trailers: 

Trailer 1 Trailer 2

More can be found both on their Instagram and on their website.

You can preview how the penguins will look in their full body, rendered and playfully animated.

3. Growing and Engaging Community

Their community is directly engaging and continuously growing. They gained over 100,000 discord members in less than a week, and are currently on pace to break 200,000 by mint.

4. Quality Merchandise

MPI aims to drop several high-quality penguin merch items, plushies, and clothing only accessible to holders and those who want to represent the project beyond the metaverse.

5. Introduction of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

Since Penguins love to stay in a healthy and free community, MPI plans to introduce a DAO to make vital decisions for the island's development. 

Each penguin's vote is equally important to the growth and evolution of the colony. Interactive specials have proven extremely intriguing among the NFT & crypto communities.

6. 3D Model in the Metaverse

After the upcoming launch in mid-February, each NFT holder will receive a digital 3D model of its penguin.

The model can be used to enter many existing NFT metaverses or be 3D printed. More so, holders will enjoy full intellectual property rights to their penguins.

Mint a Meta Penguin Island NFT

Meta Penguin Island is set to mint on February 13, 2022.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/metapenguinsnft

Instagram: https://instagram.com/metapenguinsnft

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/metapenguinisland