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Why Community Is The Foundation of Blockchain Gaming

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

According to a recent report by Technavio, the global gaming market is predicted to grow by USD 125.65 billion, expanding at a CAGR of 12.40% from 2020 to 2025. The integration of blockchain technology in gaming apps is a significant contributor to propelling the market forward.

Blockchain-based gaming has revolutionized the digital entertainment industry while also creating never-before-seen opportunities for players across the globe. The burgeoning sector may have only been emerging over the last few years. However, the amount of blockchain-based games has recently been surging, opening up new opportunities for businesses that want to create decentralized gaming apps and gamers who wish to participate in an immersive community.

Blockchain gaming is driving the market forward due to its revolutionary approach to gaming that allows players to monetize their in-game progress and achievements. This is an unprecedented move for the industry, which allows gamers to be rewarded for playing with digital assets that can then be sold on open marketplaces for other cryptocurrencies.

Amidst the many benefits of blockchain gaming, including enhanced security, transparency, and accountability, its rising popularity is also attributed to the sense of community inherent in blockchain gaming. 

Without players, games would simply not exist. However, in-game monetisation strategies and the relationship between traditional game publishers and players are often controversial, with the publisher taking most of the profit. 

This is how the decentralised nature of blockchain gaming aims to revolutionise gaming. Not only do blockchain game publishers offer players enhanced governance abilities, but they also offer established in-game economic ecosystems that allow players to generate supplemental income. 

Method MetaGuild is one of these ecosystems that aims to unite blockchain gamers worldwide, championing competitive excellence while shaping virtual worlds and creating opportunities for blockchain gamers, scholars, creators, esports players, and community members to be discovered and rewarded for their metaverse contributions.

The platform’s vision is to shape a future where everyone in the metaverse is rewarded for their contributions “because the community is and always has been the heart of the gaming ecosystem,” the company states in its whitepaper—a decentralised approach to gaming which the company grounds in its mission. “As a blockchain gaming guild, we will build a global community where blockchain gamers, creators, and esports players can maximise opportunities for growth,” the company states.

To ensure that its platform provides an unprecedented environment with a hyperfocus on community, its ecosystem aims to lead, educate, compete, create, and collaborate to enable the best possible outcomes for greater blockchain gaming communities.

“Together with the community and our partners, we will unlock the full potential of blockchain gaming by elevating gameplay, creating a sustainable esports ecosystem, and fostering continuous industry progress to ensure we thrive together.”

To learn more about Method MetaGuild and its revolutionary new platform that aims to disrupt the blockchain gaming space, visit their platforms:

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