Why Bitgert Coin Is Poised to Be the Next Ethereum


Time and time again, new blockchain projects have branded themselves as potential “Ethereum killers” – only for their lofty claims to inevitably fade away. Thanks to its first-mover advantage and robust ecosystem, Ethereum has reigned supreme as the world’s go-to smart contract platform.

But a new contender has officially arrived that’s making waves as the first legitimate threat to Ethereum’s throne – Bitgert. This ambitious blockchain is quickly amassing a feverish following by combining the security of Ethereum with vastly superior scalability.

Bitgert vs. Ethereum: A Truly Fair Fight

As per Bitgert whitepaper, it appears to possess all the firepower needed to challenge Ethereum head-on-head: 

  • Throughput of 100,000+ transactions per second (TPS) compared to Ethereum’s 12-60 TPS
  • Negligible fees as low as $0.0000000000001 vs. Ethereum’s infamously high gas fees
  • Full Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility for seamless integration

Thanks to Bitgert’s cutting-edge BRISE chain, the network can effortlessly handle exponentially higher transaction volumes than Ethereum while still charging near-zero fees. Any Ethereum-based protocol can tap directly into BRISE’s ultra-scalable architecture with full EVM interoperability.

Recent upgrades like Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade have mitigated its transaction fee woes somewhat on L2s but not on L1s. But even with these optimizations, the OG blockchain still pales in comparison to Bitgert’s sheer performance potential.

Bitgert’s Roadmap to Topple Ethereum

While Bitgert’s technical prowess is undeniably impressive, it’s the roadmap ahead that has investors truly buzzing about its potential to unseat Ethereum through a series of offerings:

  1. Bitgert Exchange, P2P Marketplace, GEO Real Estate Marketplace, P2P Crypto Exchange, and Payment Gateway.
  2. Audited bridge for frictionless asset swapping between Bitgert and Ethereum
  3. Staking rewards through a partnership with meme coin BEFE

Each milestone will unlock new utility streams for Bitgert’s ever-expanding ecosystem. As DeFi, dApps, and Web3 take hold, Bitgert’s scalable architecture could catalyze an exodus from Ethereum’s bloated chain.

Perhaps most importantly, it is already exhibiting promising price momentum. Over the past month alone, the token has surged by 35% to a $100 million market cap amidst growing hype around its $2.35 million daily traded volumes.

The True Test for Bitgert’s Supremacy

Of course, Bitgert still has an immense uphill climb to usurp Ethereum’s $420 billion market dominance and established network effects. Even capturing a tiny fraction of that valuation would represent over 4,000X gains from current levels.

But whereas past so-called “Ethereum killers” fell flat on empty promises, Bitgert is rapidly demonstrating its legitimacy as the first platform to combine Ethereum’s robust ecosystem with truly scalable infrastructure. Whether it can sustain that momentum and unseat crypto’s reigning smart contract king remains to be seen.

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