08 Aug 2022 · 2 min read

Why Big VCs Love Projects Like Solana (SOL) And Pre-Sale Gem Chronoly.io

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Blockchain analytics firm Glassnode states that the 2022 bear market has been the worst so far in history. Inflation, tightening liquidity, and the Terra-LUNA collapse were listed as the top factors affecting the entire crypto ecosystem. Top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) traded below their previous all-time highs (ATHs), with traders suffering unrealized losses during this period.

Crypto technologies with innovative ecosystems, like Chronoly.io (CRNO) and Solana (SOL), sustained investor attention during this time, creating a reputation of potentially surviving this bearish phase.

Solana (SOL), a Trusted DeFi Platform

Founded in 2017, Solana (SOL) is an open-source, blockchain platform that hosts decentralized, scalable applications. Solana is used in the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) as well as for performing fast crypto transactions at little to no cost.

Termed as “Ethereum Killer,” Solana can handle 50,000 transactions per second, as opposed to Ethereum, which can handle 15 transactions per second. Solana is the sixth most used DeFi platform, with almost USD 8.6 billion locked in various DeFi dApps. Given the number of projects it hosts and its supporters, upcoming developments and collaborations, analysts predict that Solana will emerge almost unscatted from the bear market.

Even though Solana’ SOL token entered the bearish phase for a short period of time in 2022, it is predicted to have a “crypto rebound.” SOL is currently trading at USD 39.39. Experts predict that Solana price will hit USD 512 by 2030 as it is a leading contender in the smart contract blockchain space that uses an energy efficient proof-of-stake mechanism to complete its transactions.

Chronoly.io (CRNO)token, a Stable Crypto Project

The Chronoly.io project has been making waves in the crypto space for its unique concept of allowing users to invest in watch NFTs, backed by exclusive timepieces from luxury brands like Rolex, Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and many more.

Investors can either invest a fraction of the watch NFT for a price as low as USD 10, or buy the entire NFT and redeem the physical watch from the Chronoly.io depository vault. Investors can choose to sell this NFT in an ethereum compatible marketplace. Chronoly.io aims to provide an equal opportunity to all those who want to enter into the luxury watch market. Additionally, users get access to special watch concierge services, a private members club, exclusive NFT drops, networking events and much more.

CRNO is the utility token created to reward the project’s community and investors. Chronoly.io (CRNO) demonstrated a price increase of 560% during its presale stage. Currently, CRNO price has increased from USD 0.01 to USD 0.066 due to a high demand! The CRNO token holders can:

  • Stake the token to generate a passive income
  • Access exclusive monthly rewards
  • Access giveaways and cash prizes
  • Qualify for Chronoly exclusive members club.

Top analysts predict that CRNO price will further increase by 2,500%-5,000% before the end of its third presale stage in September. Analysts further believe that Chronoly could be the next 1,000x token.

For more information about Chronoly.io presale

Website: https://chronoly.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/Chronolyio

Presale: https://presale.chronoly.io/register

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chronolyio