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Why are Crypto Prices Are Pumping Today? 5 Best Crypto To Buy Now – 26 April

Trent Alan
Last updated: | 12 min read

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a day of mixed fortunes as an initial rally was followed by a downturn, negating gains from the day’s earlier upswing.

As of writing, both Bitcoin and Ethereum are experiencing declines, with Bitcoin trading just above the significant $28,000 level at $28,569, reflecting a modest gain of 0.71% for the day, while Ethereum has seen a decrease of 0.36%, sitting at $1,869 as of writing.

How will this recent increase in the cryptocurrency market’s volatility impact the selection of the best cryptos to buy now?

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During the course of the day, Bitcoin experienced a notable surge, ascending by nearly 8% and momentarily surpassing the $30,000 mark.

This upward trajectory also had a positive impact on Ether, which rose by over 6% at its peak, reaching a value of approximately $1,950.

In the preceding days, Bitcoin’s trading activity had remained relatively stable, with fluctuations returning to levels observed in early March, prior to the onset of a banking crisis that served as a key driving force behind the digital currency’s growth this year.

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Late on Tuesday, challenges faced by the First Republic became a contributing factor to Bitcoin’s price movements, as explained by Matt Hougan, the chief investment officer at Bitwise Asset Management.

“Digital currencies tend to thrive during banking crises, and it appears that the banking crisis may still be ongoing,” Hougan stated.

Shares of First Republic experienced a sharp decline of nearly 30% on Wednesday, culminating in a two-day loss of around 80%, following the bank’s announcement of a substantial decrease in first-quarter deposits as clients withdrew funds in the wake of Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse.

In March, Bitcoin experienced a 22% surge as the crisis impacting regional banks in the U.S. highlighted the digital currency’s potential role as a safeguard against uncertainty and as an alternative to traditional banking.

Uncertainty Lingers: Federal Reserve Decisions Awaited

Despite the digital currency market’s recent pullback not undermining the year-to-date positive trend, uncertainty continues to cast a shadow.

Market participants are closely monitoring the Federal Reserve’s upcoming decisions regarding interest rates, particularly whether the central bank will cease rate hikes aimed at combating inflation and provide guidance on potential rate reductions.

The central bank’s next policy meeting is scheduled for the coming week, with the latest data on personal consumption expenditures, a key inflation indicator, expected to be released at the week’s end.

Yuya Hasegawa, a crypto market analyst at Japanese crypto exchange Bitbank, noted, “The digital currency market recognized last month that banking crises can positively impact Bitcoin’s price, but a multifaceted approach is necessary.”

He added that the possibility of rate cuts later in the year, as priced into the Fed Funds futures market, could lead to disappointment if the Federal Reserve remains silent or dismisses such prospects.

Although the market is still in positive territory for the year, Hasegawa suggests that resistance levels between $28,800 and $29,000 may present a “challenging barrier to overcome” until the announcement of Friday’s PCE data.

It seems that bullish traders’ enthusiasm may have been premature, as the digital currency market experienced an unexpected downturn. Following its earlier ascent to $30K, the price made an abrupt reversal, dropping to $27K in under an hour.

This rapid decline resulted in the liquidation of nearly $200 million in leveraged positions within the past hour alone.

Of the liquidations that occurred within the hour, over 90% were long positions, accounting for more than $157 million.

The majority of the volume was concentrated on exchanges Binance and OKX. Notably, on Binance, a staggering 97% of the liquidated positions were leveraged longs.

Despite the challenges highlighted in the cryptocurrency market, opportunities remain for individuals looking to benefit from the cryptocurrency market.

Several cryptocurrencies, including Ai, LHINU, ECOTERRA, TAMA, and SWDTKN, have been identified as the best cryptos to buy now as determined by a combination of fundamental and technical analysis.

AiDoge: Creating Unique Memes and NFTs with Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging the synergistic combination of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI), AiDoge is a trailblazing cryptocurrency project offering a decentralized mechanism for the real-time creation of memes using elementary text prompts.

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The venture introduces an AI-driven tool that streamlines the process of meme creation.

By submitting simple text prompts that describe the desired meme, users can rely on AiDoge’s tool to generate visually appealing and wholly original memes.

The value of such a tool is underscored by the massive quantities of memes circulated weekly, some of which attract attention on a massive scale, especially during events of political significance.

AiDoge’s automated meme generation process addresses a common concern—the repetitive distribution of identical memes—by ensuring that each generated meme is exclusive.

In a further enhancement, AiDoge aims to empower users to mint their created memes as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), thereby providing a verifiable claim of ownership in an environment where establishing authorship is notoriously difficult.

To access the meme creation services, users need to obtain credits, which are debited from their account for each meme generated.

These credits are exclusively available for purchase using AiDoge’s native token, $Ai.

The platform’s goal is to harness sophisticated AI algorithms to craft compelling memes in response to user input.

The $Ai token serves as the central utility token, enabling users to acquire credits for meme creation.

AiDoge will also incorporate staking mechanisms, incentivizing users to stake $Ai tokens in exchange for credits, allowing them to create more memes without incurring additional costs.

What will set AiDoge apart is its capacity to generate high-quality, one-of-a-kind memes using AI, coupled with NFT-backed ownership verification.

The platform also includes a public gallery for showcasing and voting on memes, where creators of popular memes receive cryptocurrency rewards.

With projections indicating that the global AI market could attain a remarkable valuation of $15 trillion by 2030, AiDoge’s fusion of AI and blockchain technology may well place it on a trajectory of growth within this emerging market.

Visit AiDoge Now

Love Hate Inu’s Crypto Rewards and Transparent Polling Makes It One of the Best Cryptos to Buy Now

Love Hate Inu ($LHINU) is looking to disrupt the survey industry with its innovative vote-2-earn platform, which merges meme currency tokenomics with blockchain-based voting.

The platform has already raised $7.4 million and is on track to achieve remarkable success.

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The driving force behind $LHINU’s success is its Vote 2 Earn approach, which capitalizes on the widespread influence of social media by involving digital communities in stimulating discussions on subjects ranging from political matters and entertainment to societal concerns and finance topics.

Users are rewarded for expressing their opinions, and the platform’s use of blockchain technology ensures transparency, security, and tamper-proof voting results.

With the potential to disrupt the $3.2 billion online survey market, it’s no wonder investors are taking notice.

CEO Carl Dawkins, an advisor to the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Crypto and Digital Assets, predicts that the $LHINU token presale will exceed its $10 million hard cap.

Dawkins also cautioned investors to conduct due diligence and be wary of copycat projects, such as Big Eyes, that may mimic Love Hate Inu’s model.

The Love Hate Inu platform will comprise a user interface for wallet connectivity and real-time vote updates, a Vote Submission Platform for community poll proposals, and a Management Dashboard for transparent voting oversight.

The $LHINU token is central to the platform, unlocking vote-to-earn mechanics for investors. Users must stake $LHINU for a minimum duration of 30 days to participate in polls, preventing spam and election rigging.

The ecosystem rewards active participation, and the more a user stakes, the greater the reward.

The first Love Hate Inu poll offers participants a chance to win $10,000, and brands can also initiate polls, rewarding participants with digital and non-digital goods.

Love Hate Inu incorporates non-fungible token (NFT) technology and has a deflationary supply of 100 billion tokens, with 90% offered in presale and 10% allocated for incentives, development, and marketing.

With less than 9 days left in Stage 7 of the presale and $770,000 to raise, investors are urged to act quickly to secure $LHINU at the lowest prices.

The token can be acquired at a price of $0.000135 each, and the cost is set to rise to $0.000145 during the concluding phase of the presale.

Purchases can be made using either ETH or USDT, and there are no restrictions on the vesting duration.

Visit Love Hate Inu Now

ecoterra’s Recycle2Earn: Incentivizing Sustainability and Carbon Offset with Crypto

As the world grapples with the consequences of climate change, the carbon credit market has emerged as a vital tool for mitigating carbon emissions.

Valued at USD 760.28 billion in 2021, the global carbon credit market is projected to grow at an impressive CAGR of 21.14% from 2023 to 2028.

Amid this backdrop, a pioneering blockchain initiative known as ecoterra is capturing attention for its innovative approach to promoting sustainability and ecological responsibility.

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ecoterra is a cryptocurrency project that seeks to transform the recycling and waste management sectors by incentivizing eco-friendly behavior.

At the heart of ecoterra’s mission is the Recycle2Earn concept, which rewards users with ecoterra tokens for recycling materials such as plastic, glass, and textiles.

By offering crypto rewards, ecoterra encourages individuals to adopt eco-friendly habits, lessen their impact on carbon emissions, and play a role in advancing a sustainable future.

In addition to rewarding recycling efforts, ecoterra is establishing a Carbon Offset Marketplace that allows companies to purchase carbon credits via blockchain technology.

This marketplace ensures transparency, eliminates unethical practices, and helps businesses achieve their sustainability objectives.

ecoterra’s platform will also feature a Recycled Materials Marketplace, where businesses can acquire recycled materials using ecoterra tokens or other digital currencies.

This approach encourages the growth of a circular economy and promotes alternative payment options.

ecoterra’s Impact Trackable Profile is another key feature that will enable companies to keep track of their environmental actions.

By taking advantage of this feature, businesses can enhance their brand image, build consumer loyalty, and distinguish themselves as leaders in sustainability.

The ecoterra presale is currently underway, allowing participants to acquire tokens at a discounted price of $0.007 per token, with the upcoming stage of the presale set to increase the token price to $0.00775.

With $2.4 million raised so far, ecoterra aims to further develop its platform and drive positive change in the recycling and waste management industries.

ecoterra’s innovative approach to sustainability, combined with its integration of blockchain technology, positions it as a trailblazer in the quest for a greener planet.

As the carbon credit market continues to expand, ecoterra’s solutions offer a compelling pathway for individuals and businesses to actively participate in the global effort to combat climate change.

Visit ecoterra Now

Enter the Tamaverse: Tamadoge’s Tama Is One Of The Best Crypto to Buy Now for Arcade Fun

Tamadoge ($TAMA), the cryptocurrency that drives the Shiba Inu-dog-inspired, gaming-centric Tamaverse web3 ecosystem, is experiencing a surge in value, and market predictions are becoming increasingly optimistic.

As of writing, $TAMA is trading at $0.030401 per token, reflecting an increase of over 19% so far today and a rise of over 60% since the recent rebound from its 20-day EMA at $0.019125.

The upward momentum of Tamadoge in recent weeks is attributed to the anticipation surrounding its impending listing on a major top 5 cryptocurrency exchange.

In less than 24 hours, $TAMA is slated to be listed on ByBit.

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ByBit is currently hosting a Deposit-to-Earn event, allowing users to deposit 3,500 $TAMA tokens and receive an additional 500 tokens.

Additionally, a Trade-to-Earn promotion is scheduled for ByBit on April 27.

The listing on ByBit is anticipated to be the initial step in a sequence of listings on the major top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Tamadoge team recently hinted at forthcoming developments via Twitter, suggesting that subsequent listings could occur on exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, or KuCoin.

Although market fluctuations may persist, the prospects for $TAMA are promising.

As the token is listed on additional prominent exchanges, Tamadoge will benefit from enhanced exposure and accessibility to a broader audience of potential purchasers.

In parallel, the Tamadoge team is actively advancing the ecosystem and expanding “Tama Island.”

Notably, the platform now features five Tamadoge Arcade games, where users can compete using their Tamadoge NFTs and earn $TAMA rewards as they engage with the platform.

Visit Tamadoge Now

The Future of Role-Playing Games: Swords of Blood and Its Blockchain-Based Gaming Economy

$SWDTKN has recently captured the attention of market participants in the cryptocurrency gaming space.

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This cryptocurrency functions as the native currency for the online game known as Swords of Blood.

The presale of $SWDTKN has experienced a substantial influx of capital, surpassing $1.2 million in a matter of weeks.

The accelerated pace of the presale suggests that it may conclude earlier than anticipated, potentially leading to higher acquisition costs for those who seek to purchase the token on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The presale is currently in stage 2, with $SWDTKN being offered at a discounted rate of $0.070. It is scheduled for a price increase to $0.080 in stage 3.

The gaming industry has often been viewed with skepticism due to its perceived exploitative nature.

Traditional gaming platforms offer little in return for the time and resources invested by players.

However, the advent of blockchain technology has introduced new possibilities for the gaming sector.

Blockchain-based games offer incentives in the form of cryptocurrency rewards and non-fungible token (NFT) ownership.

These features provide players with tangible benefits for their efforts and ensure transparency through decentralized record-keeping.

Swords of Blood enters this evolving landscape with distinctive gameplay and a fresh approach to the gaming model.

Set in the fantastical World of Ezura, the game boasts dynamic battles, high-quality visuals, and diverse gameplay options.

As the first blockchain-based, free-to-play (F2P) role-playing game of its caliber, Swords of Blood distinguishes itself from other play-to-earn offerings.

The game’s minimum viable product (MVP) includes a variety of engaging modes, such as campaign dungeons, Monster Hunt Dungeons, Boss Fortress, and Daily Dungeons.

The development team envisions the eventual creation of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with synchronous gameplay and additional features.

Swords of Blood also offers a range of premium content accessible through the use of $SWDTKN.

Players can use the token to enhance their gaming experience, including leveling up characters, accessing exclusive content, and participating in tournaments.

While Swords of Blood is a F2P game, the use of $SWDTKN provides opportunities for players to unlock additional benefits.

Those interested in acquiring the token can do so using various cryptocurrencies, including USDT, USDC, ETH, and DAI.

Visit Swords of Blood Now