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Which of These NFT Projects 100x? Invisible Friends, Moonbirds or Chronocatz

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The NFT community has been divided for months on what should determine an NFTs value and if NFTs with utility should command a higher price. Certain communities believe the quality of an NFT collection is derived by the quality of the art, while others believe that NFTs that offer the owner some sort of utility will grow in popularity? That’s exactly what these three NFTs aim to address – Invisible Friends, Moonbirds, and Chronocatz.

What exactly are these three NFTs? Which of them could 100x? Read on to find out!

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Invisible Friends eye institutional investors, collaborate with Kith

The Invisible Friends team are banking on the hope that institutional investors will jump on the bandwagon to help grow the asset’s market outlook. If this becomes a reality, then investors within the Invisible Friends network will have a reason to smile. Invisible Friends will definitely surge in its floor price and give other popular NFT collections a run for their money.

As its name implies, Invisible Friends is an animated PFP collection of invisible people. It’s designed and created by Markus Magnusson. According to the team lead, “the invisible characters in this collection aren’t wearing fancy skintight suits that go invisible as they do. They’re wearing clothes. Normal clothes. Stylish, even.” To this end, the Invisible Friends team is collaborating with Kith, a reputable apparel brand. Each trait in the Invisible Friends collection corresponds to an article of clothing.

At press time, Invisible Friends (INVSBLE) trades at $4,197.70 with a 24 hour sales volume of 17.8 ETH.

Moonbirds to feature on MasterCard debit cards

Plans by MasterCard have started to reach fruition with debit cards that will allow cardholders who own NFT collections to add the artwork on their debit cards. The MasterCard debit cards are available through a partnership with the European crypto exchange platform, hi. The exchange users that are gold members will be able to add their artwork on their debit cards.

For those who are not aware, Moonbirds is a collection of 10,000 utility-enabled PFPs that feature a richly diverse and unique pool of rarity-powered traits. Since the launch of Moonbirds into the NFT scene, the project has raked in more than $300m in secondary sales. Moonbirds’ floor price is pegged at $12,588.01 with a 24 hour sales volume of 26.8 ETH.

Chronocatz has the potential to revolutionize the NFT marketplace

Experts have predicted that only Chronocatz and a few other NFTs have the potential to 100x their value. The Chronocatz project, created by the team at Chronoly.io, aims to revolutionize the entire NFT market by offering a higher ROI to holders.

At its core, Chronocatz is a unique collection of 7,777 NFTs depicting feline avatars with a random combination of traits like clothing, fur, eyes and accessories. By far the most important aspect of a Chronocatz NFT is the real-world luxury timepiece the NFT is shown to be wearing. Based on the rarity of this watch, a tiered membership system will grant holders access to a private members’ watch club popularly known as the “Chrono Wealth Club.”

Club members enjoy exclusive access to discounts, private watch auctions, staking bonuses and dedicated watch concierge services relative to their tier. As a Chronocatz holder, you will enjoy exclusive access to networking events, merch and parties in the real and digital world. According to the Chronocatz team, the project had its phase one private mint, which sold out. The public mint is live and is scheduled to end in the next 16 days.

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