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What is The Uncharted and How to Buy The Uncharted NFTs

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Even with the market taking yet another downturn, NFTs continue to be a ray of hope for investors. While NFT investment figures have dropped from their all-time highs, certain collections continue to win investors over as they always have. The NFT niche is becoming one of quality, not quantity, and investors are looking for innovative ideas.

One of the best examples of this is The Uncharted, an NFT project that is doing much more than just offering collectibles. It exemplifies how NFTs can offer value in new and meaningful ways. Here, we talk about what The Uncharted is and how to buy Uncharted NFTs.

What is the Uncharted?

The Uncharted is described as an adventure and a voyage, and in many ways, it is just that. The project is a collection of 21,000 NFTs where holders gain access to a range of financial benefits. The sci-fi collection represents humanity’s journey into the future and also parallels the investors’ journey.

The key point to note is that The Uncharted is not just another NFT collection with collectibles, but rather it is a ticket into a financial journey – an investment. We describe those financial benefits in the next section.
Specifically, the team explains the project’s mission as bridging the gap between traditional finance and Web3. The NFT collection is expected to launch in Q1 2023, with the team only very recently announcing the project. 

There are many “chapters” to The Uncharted, which one can think of as seasons. This is a good way to introduce new ideas and features to users while keeping them engaged. The first chapter is The Southern Ring Nebula soon, and chapters two to four are being worked on.

The identity of the Uncharted team members is known, and the project has listed their details on Twitter. The team members have decades of experience in the financial world, having worked in various roles in global financial markets. Xeta, which has raised $3.2 million, is the sister company to The Uncharted, and it powers the NFT collection. The two entities are also collaborating with each other. 

What Makes The Uncharted Unique?

While other projects are focused on creating value around the collectibles, and that alone, The Uncharted is heavily tied to a High-Frequency Trading Fund. Holders of the NFT gain benefits from the project’s High-Frequency Trading fund growth. 100% of the sales revenue of the NFTs is allocated to the XETA Capital Fund (XCF) High-Frequency Trading fund. Users can expect to earn up to 400% annually based on the historical performance of the fund.

This fund then distributes a percentage of its profit every quarter to all NFT holders via an airdrop. There is also a 36-month period for investment, compounding, and distribution of profits. At the end of the 3 years, the fund is split between the NFT holders and The Uncharted LTD. However, users are not locked in and can sell their NFTs anytime in between on OpenSea.

This feature is what distinguishes The Uncharted from its NFT peers and makes it considerably more interesting. The NFT collection is yet to launch, so there is time yet for collectors to get in.

How to Buy Uncharted NFTs

The Uncharted NFT collection is expected to launch in Q1 2023. No date has been set yet for the launch, though the NFTs are confirmed for that quarter and the team will provide updates over social media channels. 

The team will announce the procedure for the Uncharted NFT launch soon, with the current focus being on giveaways. Still, collectors have the chance to grab some of these NFTs as the team holds contests, drawings, and the like. 

The Uncharted is Leading the NFT Market into the Future

The Uncharted is proving to be one of the most fascinating projects to come out of the niche in recent times. Rather than focus on creating a collectible NFT set alone, the project is tying the assets to a trading fund that has proven successful time and again. This is the kind of innovation that the NFT space needs if it wants to grow, and projects will want to create such ideas if they want to stand out. 

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