24 Nov 2021 · 3 min read

What Does the Future of e-Commerce Solutions Look Like?

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E-Commerce is, without a doubt, the fastest growing industry in the world and the pandemic fast-tracked its growth by at least 10 years. We see many retail stores transform into eCommerce stores by adopting digital technologies to lower operational costs and increase overall sales.

Though it has become simpler to set up an eCommerce store with available marketplaces and online tools, the competition on digital platforms is no joke. What was once considered a “nice-to-have” feature is now a “need-to-have” to survive online competition between retailers and big brands.

Buying behavior and mindset of consumers are also constantly changing, so online stores need to develop ways to stand out in a crowded eCommerce space. As the eCommerce landscape continues to evolve digitally, it is important to keep up with the current industry trends and emphasize delivering world-class customer experiences.

Disruptive Changes in eCommerce that Led to Explosive Growth

According to Statista, the global eCommerce market sales surged by more than 25% and is on track to reach USD 5 trillion in 2021. Many factors are influencing this parabolic growth in eCommerce in such a short period. With the rise in mobile usage and internet penetration worldwide, consumers are gravitating towards online shopping, thanks to its flexible and passive nature.

As business models transformed into new digital versions, the eCommerce infrastructure also changed by a mile. Businesses are now more prepared than ever before because they upgraded their infrastructure and introduced many new automation tools to improve scalability and efficiency. 

While infrastructure played a huge role in meeting consumer demand, personalized 360-degree user experiences continue to be the biggest difference-maker for any eCommerce store. Whether it is a B2B or B2C model, user experience has created a shift in business mindset and largely impacted eCommerce. It showed the business world how humanizing a brand can improve customer retention without needing a big advertising budget. 

Another big change we see in eCommerce is increased demand for easy online financing options. Users want to have more borrowing power with greater flexibility of repayments. This is when Buy Now, Pay Later schemes took off. Millions of users started using BNPL services, earning a significant market share in eCommerce.

@Pay: A DeFi eCommerce Solution

Recognizing the market demand and lack of BNPL crypto integrations, the @Pay platform developed the first-ever BNPL DEFI protocol to incentivize users to make online purchases. The DeFi protocol aims to positively impact the eCommerce sector by enabling users with high credit limits and a larger repayment window of 3 months while still helping them avoid overspending.

As users complete their repayments, they receive governance tokens as rewards, which is key to increasing purchasing power. This creates a positive feedback loop for both users as well as merchants. Users can max their credit limit of USD 1200, and merchants will observe more demand from the same customers. As the crypto-to-fiat model powers the platform, it becomes easier for merchants to accept BNPL and users to shop online using their preferred cryptocurrencies.

With tokenization and incentive programs, @Pay is showing the true potential of Buy Now, Pay Later solutions. It will simplify borrowing capital at no interest rates and zero late payment fees with complete transparency.

While many big companies are jumping on the BNPL bandwagon, there is still a disconnect between users and merchants. @Pay resolves this by providing a marketplace for merchant partners that is easy to browse for different services and goods. Additionally, the @Pay leverages DeFi to add more value to shoppers via a staking mechanism. Along with high purchasing power, users can also earn decent returns on their crypto assets.

@Pay is Financing Growth for eCommerce & Mass Adoption in DeFi

The BNPL market is only going up from here. It will have the majority of the market share in eCommerce sooner than we expect. And the primary driving force will be DeFi protocols like @Pay. As capital-efficient models continue to thrive in the crypto space, @Pay will facilitate mass adoption in one of the most underserved crypto sectors, eCommerce.

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