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Watch Thieves Stealing CAD 4K from Bitcoin ATM; Leaving CAD 50K Behind

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Two men walk into a grocery shop and commit a Bitcoin (BTC) ATM robbery.

Source: a video screenshot, Youtube, Castanet News

No, not a joke, but actual news, and – in a twist of irony – an unfavorable example of crypto / blockchain adoption. Apparently, BTC ATM’s have become commonplace enough for your regular, ol’, not-particularly-sophisticated thieves to decide to rob them.

The partners-in-crime broke into Simply Delicious Food Market in Vernon, Canada, shortly after 4 AM on Tuesday, local time, and stole CAD 4,000 (USD 3,010) from the ATM, Castanet reports. They broke the glass doors, ran past the register, didn’t bother with the food, drinks, or other available items around them, but instead went straight towards the Bitcoin ATM machine – without any hesitation, as if they knew what they were doing, said the store owner Troy Roland. As the thieves were prying it open, the machine has been heavily damaged, the owner said for the news program.

That’s not all, as the duo took two canisters, one each, totaling USD 4,000, but didn’t bother to check the third, the article says, leaving behind CAD 50,000 (USD 37,600) it contained.

Though the police arrived 15 minutes after the alarm had been triggered, they just missed the thieves, says the article, though the duo did leave some evidence by which the police is attempting to identify them during this ongoing investigation – namely, the men’s general appearance, the color and type of the escape car (grey Nissan Sentra) and the license plate, all caught on the shop’s many indoor and outdoor security cameras.

Because of this robbery, Roland, the owner, says that Simply Delicious Food Market will not be keeping the Bitcoin ATM in the store any longer.

This is not the first time somebody went after crypto ATMs. In August, two men in Lynnwood, U.S., caught by the camera entering a mall before its closing time, exiting shortly after, then coming back once the mall closed. Few minutes later, they came out with the entire Bitcoin ATM covered with a moving blanket.

Check out the robbery caught on Simply Delicious Food Market’s cameras:


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