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Vulcan Blockchain To Enhance Staking Capabilities With Layer 1 Solution

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

As the world’s first auto-staking, auto-rebasing and auto-compounding layer 1 blockchain, Vulcan Blockchain has unveiled their new solution designed to help investors ‘stake without staking’. 

Staking is a popular method of earning additional passive income and is regularly relied upon by many investors to raise the value of their respective investments. Staking is the practice of holding a specific amount of crypto as collateral in a blockchain network in order to validate transactions as well as secure the network. Users can therefore potentially earn rewards by receiving extra tokens on top of their pre-existing ones through staking.

Vulcan Auto-Staking

Vulcan Blockchain aims to streamline the staking process while also safeguarding investors from undesirable regulatory policies. Through the utilization of Vulcan’s layer-1 auto-staking, users earn staking rewards by just holding their own funds in their own wallet without any locking period and without having to depend on third-party services. In doing so, investors can potentially stake efficiently as this popular method of auto-staking by earning additional income would become more accessible to a broader range of users and encourage greater participation in security and network governance.

Analyzing Vulcan’s Features

Vulcan is the first blockchain to include an auto-rebasing mechanism as well as auto-compounding functionality. With every 15 minute network epoch, $VUL coin holders increase their individual asset ownership at a guaranteed 44% APR.

Furthermore, the auto-rebasing feature is intended to improve the network’s quality and consistency by effectively assigning operations through a defined set of rules and conditions. As a result, investors are given the opportunity to better comprehend the initiative’s core infrastructure and economics which means they can seamlessly manage their assets ahead of time.

Additionally, because of Vulcan’s high emphasis on auto-staking and auto compounding, investors automatically receive rebased coins as interest payments. The supply of circulating coins is also distributed automatically, which is every 15 minutes for Vulcan as aforementioned.

The auto-compounding and auto-rebasing aspects shall be maintained using Vulcan’s innovative ‘Fire Pit’ burning mechanism. This system uses a zero dead address which will involve the burning of 80% of all transaction fees, thereby permanently decreasing the circulating supply. When this measure is applied to $VUL, it becomes a hyper deflationary asset as well as a store of value with inflation hedge characteristics.

About Vulcan

The Vulcan blockchain development team, led by Australian entrepreneur Bryan Legend, is optimistic that the network has all the tools necessary to successfully add value to the overall blockchain market and be appealing to investors. In this way, Vulcan strives to be the ideal platform for all applications related to DeFi due to the combination of the previously mentioned features and the team’s commitment to achieving true decentralization.

For more information and regular updates, visit the official Vulcan website and the Medium and Twitter channels.