17 Nov 2022 · 2 min read

Volt Inu Price Prediction - Memecoin Racing to New All Time High?

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Volt Inu is one of the few crypto coins that seems to be in a parabolic rally right despite bearish conditions in the blockchain markets. 

Over the last week Volt Inu has surged over a staggering 118% in price from $0.0000008669 to $0.000001903.

It seems the majority of Volt Inu fans across social platforms such as Twitter are betting on a new all-time high soon. 

Will this be the case or are we in need of a short-term pull back? 

Volt Inu Crypto Price Prediction

When consecutive green daily candles appear on the charts, usually this reflects an overbought euphoric bull run.

Typically, this is where the saying 'never chase green' comes in handy because it means the risk is maximized as the overbought position means there could be a correction coming up.

Since the 10th of November the price of Volt Inu has soared over 100% and has broken through a key resistance level of $0.000001398. 

Now trading at a very bullish $0.000001902, it seems Volt Inu is trying to achieve the next technical target of $0.000002. 

VOLT/USD - Daily Time Frame.

As we can see, historical data suggests that Volt Inu is certainly in a bull run phase at the moment. 

There is still a possibility of a correction down towards $0.0000016, but following the recent breakout of a falling wedge on the 15-minute time frame this seems unlikely right now. 

VOLT/USD - 15 Minute Time Frame.

As we can see Volt Inu is breaking out of this bullish reversal pattern. When coins become overbought traders might be better off holding back for a few days to assess the situation and see what happens.

Should the price of Volt Inu crash, $0.0000014 could prove to be a good area to dollar cost average in to.

Volt Inu Video Analysis

Next Cryptocurrency Ready to Explode? 

Volt Inu is certainly looking bullish, but with so much euphoria and greed surrounding the recent bull rally it could be seen as a red flag.

I am speculating that presales are the next big thing right now, this involves coins that have not yet launched on public exchanges and are in a private sale (ICO) which allows investors to buy in at an exclusively low price.

There are four exciting presales live at the moment each with the chance to explode between 2-100x. 

  • Dash2Trade, a dashboard which exposes traders to high value opportunities in the markets using useful insights, metrics, data and artificial intelligence. 
  • Calvaria, an enthralling fun battle card game (play-to-earn) offering exciting 3D graphics and replay value. Be sure to check out this token if you enjoy the P2E sector of crypto. Calvaria also has many presale phases which means being an early investor gives you maximum upside potential
  • RobotEra, the next Sandbox? RobotEra allows you to become a robot in augmented reality. You play within a planet-rebuilding world where you can explore, build and gather resources.  
  • IMPT Token, if you care about the planet this one is certainly for you. IMPT Token strives to become the biggest blockchain solution to commercially reduce the climate crisis and reduce global warming. 

Each presale has their own unique selling points and bullish tokenomics. It is certainly worth reading through the white paper and thoroughly researching each presale. 

If you'd like to become part of a close-knit community discussing presales and more, you can join my Discord channel here