05 Dec 2021 · 2 min read

VLaunch Sets New Launch Date Among CoinMarketCap Pre-Listing

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The use and mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies has grown manifold in the last couple of years. While most of the credit for this unparalleled growth is due to the rising number of centralized and decentralized exchanges, the crypto community often overlooks the contribution of social media influencers in helping raise awareness about cryptocurrencies.

Between 2020 and 2021, hundreds of influencers have transitioned their content to cover cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and blockchain technology in general. From Youtube to Vimeo, Facebook to Instagram, Reddit to Discord, and Telegram - crypto influencers have been able to build several thriving communities across multiple Web2 social media platforms.

Big things are in line for influencers as two of the leading crypto influencers, MMCrypto and CryptoMo, are set to launch their much anticipated multichain launchpad, VLaunch, this month. The platform is being developed with the noble goal of helping new and promising projects leverage the power of influencers to reach out to individual communities. Given that influencer marketing is already one of the most popular marketing tactics in the real world, the idea of bringing the same concept on-chain has gained massive support from crypto projects, venture capital, and the community itself.

Spreading On-Chain Influence

CryptoMo and MMCrypto count almost 600,000 active followers between them. With their existing knowledge of the crypto landscape and blockchain domains alongside enormous communities of global users, both influencers aim to help accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. To do so, VLaunch will onboard more than 200 influencers from Youtube and other platforms. In recent weeks, several prominent influencers like DaVincij15, Altcoin Daily, Moon Carl, Crypto Zombie, and Crypto Lark, with more than a million followers between them, have joined the VLaunch platform.

Essentially, VLaunch provides a platform designed to help new blockchain projects team up with influencers and leverage their communities to promote their projects to mainstream audiences. Accordingly, unlike most launchpads that build hype about cash-strapped projects, VLaunch aims to democratize the early-investor process for promising new projects while ensuring that the user community gains access to all early-bird investment opportunities, airdrops, and other features.

With hundreds of influencers creating content for raising awareness about new projects and the blockchain ecosystem, VLaunch will serve as the platform that not only streamlines the launch process of new projects but also help them easily connect with millions of investors globally.

Commenting on the goal behind VLaunch, MMCrypto notes, “I missed out on Axie Infinity, for example, I missed out on Decentraland. Actually, I wanted to invest in the ICO back then. These things made like 100s and even 1000s of X’s, so we just thought: we want to get our community in completely for free…the whole space is gonna be big.”

While most details about VLaunch have been kept under wraps (a marketing hack), the team has recently tweeted about going live this December. The platform is being backed by some of the biggest influencers, including MDX Crypto (83,000+ subscribers), Bolsa Para Principantes (167,000+ subs), That Martini Guy (117,000+ subs), Crypto Busy (205,000+ subs), and Daniel Mihal (60k+ subs), as well as leading investors like metaverse and NFT gaming-focused consultancy and capital firm Metavest Capital, Hype Partners, Brilliance Ventures, and several others.