16 Nov 2021 · 5 min read

Vector, One-Stop-Shop Crypto Trading Solution Changing the Game for Traders and Hodlrs Worldwide

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

Built by crypto traders, for crypto traders

Vector is an advanced trading platform designed exclusively for the cryptocurrency market. The software solutions consist of a unique combination of data, professional trading tools, and blockchain analytics.

This advanced platform aims at enabling trading on multiple exchanges around the globe with perfectly timed order execution. Thereby, empowering its users to track and trade various pairs of cryptocurrencies on a single platform.

Vector is how is a product platform developed by Nelogica, an investech company focused on high-performance, data-driven software for financial markets.

With a combination of science, cutting-edge tech, and data-driven decisions, Vector is a one-stop shop for you to take crypto trading to the next level.

With over 15 years of experience in financial markets, only Nelogica can provide the benefits of an expert team of engineers exclusively for Vector, 24/7 support (English and Portuguese), and the most advanced features in terms of order sending, trading, and analysis.

Vector Pro’s main desktop


Knowing the market so well allows us to think big in terms of security protocols and systems. We start by using our own servers, for your data and your orders to go straight to the exchange and return to our systems right away.

All the integrations are made with API Keys, exclusive, secure characters combinations that ensure data privacy between all peers.


Vector is available for both Windows and Mac systems, delivering the ultimate performance and experience in crypto trading, regardless of which platform do you use.

But knowing how most of our life nowadays is on-the-go, we’ve developed a web version that can be accessed anywhere via browser, and even better, a mobile version that gathers all the main features from the desktop platform, so you won’t miss any second placing an order or getting into some big opportunity.

To use Vector mobile is free, as long as you activate an account in any of the Vector versions available. Your cryptos, wherever you want, whenever you want it.

Exchange Integration

To provide the ultimate experience we could not attach to only one exchange, or even become one. Vector allows you to integrate your trading accounts with the largest cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

The process is simple and secure. Everything is done using the API keys provided by the exchanges, providing full routing and integration with Vector’s systems and features.

Professional tools

To reach the moon, a commercial plane is not enough. Our trading tools and indicators are the best out there, rocket ship level. Most of them are available for the first time on a crypto trading platform.


Vector offers the best tools in terms of trading, no matter if you are a day-trader, swing trader, or long-term investor. With chart trading, for example, you can easily place a buy order just by holding “shift” on the keyboard and clicking in the chart at the price level that you want to start a trade.

But the real gold here stands in the special orders (only available in Vector Pro), as such Stop Loss orders, OCO orders, and Auto Breakeven.

With these exclusive features, you can start a trade with your maximum profit and loss already set for example, or even determine the price or percentage that you want your stop-limit order to automatically reach your entrance point.

And we didn’t even start talking about order flow trading. If you are familiar with tape reading, a widely used technique in the stocks market, you have to check out our exclusive, fast, intuitive ‘SuperDOM’, which puts you and the order placement just one click away.


But not everything is about action. The crypto market is very much about thinking and studying as you may well now. With that in mind, we did our homework in terms of delivering all the main tools in the market, and much more.

There are over 300 technical indicators that, combined with dozens of professional tools, make Vector the ultimate platform for cryptoanalysis.

Indicators set-up screen

Alongside that, we provide powerful solutions for both chart and order flow analysis, as such customizable depth of buys and sales, Visual Book integrated with the chart, Volume at Price and Volume at Market tools, and much more, all customizable to highlight quantities, prices and what else matters to you.

Blockchain Analytics

If you are a hodlr or long-term investor, will surely find your way with Vector too.

The Pro version comes with a complete, one-of-a-kind tool called Network Data. You can use this tool to see “the market underneath the market”, bringing to surface all the main on-chain data that allows you to take the leap and choose the right time to buy or sell according to hash rate or active addresses, for example.

Network Data tool

In the same way, you can take a look at the crypto’s market size and variation over time with Market Monitor. It’s the best, intuitive way to watch the size of each asset and also, its percentual change. Vector is full of good surprises.

Market Monitor tool

Performance and risk management

Another great thing about Vector is that we never let go of your hand if you want to.

With our high-level risk management tool, for example, you can set a maximum number of trades, money loss, earnings, and much more. You can even set the tool to lock any changes until a pre-determined time of the day, helping you to keep everything under control.

With performance profile, you can keep track of your results over time, in a detailed way, allowing you to make changes if necessary, avoid unnecessary risk, or keep going with a winning strategy.

And the best part in all of it is that our tools are constantly updating from users’ feedback. So, the platform is built by crypto enthusiasts for crypto enthusiasts.

Community and more

We know how much the community is important in crypto, so we’ve developed our own.

With VeTalk (chat) you don’t need to leave the platform to chat with your friends, to be part of important crypto discussions, or even make a live video transmission.  With Vector, all of this is possible with built-in chat and streaming capabilities.

The more you use Vector, more will you find out about several other features that help you through all your decisions. Full learning interface to know everything not just about the platform, but to learn about the market, technical analysis, and much more.

And what about the news? With Crypto Report, for example, all the most important news about crypto are joined in one short but complete bullet-in, released two times a day, only in Vector.

See it for yourself

If you aren’t convinced yet, give it a try! We offer 15 day limited free trial of our top version, Vector Pro. It’s a simple, 5 minute total process, and all data is GDPR compliant so you can be safe about how’s your data stored and used.

Are you ready to take your crypto trading to the next level?