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Vaast Crypto Mining Clusters Partners with Heim Technology

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Heim Vaast

Vaast crypto mining clusters, the fastest growing group of globally distributed GPU and ASIC cryptomining clusters, has partnered with Heim Technology, the ecosystem for spawning holographic temporal blockchains harnessing the power of quantum mechanics and teleportation to create custom mining pools for Primes, the appcoins to be used to pay transaction fees on Heim network. With this association, Vaast cryptomining clusters will be adding another new PoW coin to its list of mining services besides Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash and Ravencoin.

This partnership will help independent GPU miners to mine Primes by joining the pools of
Heim’s Prime appcoin to be launched and managed by Heim technology. This will also enable
developers and startups to build novel cross-chain applications leveraging extremely low
transaction fees such as KYC-free DeFi platforms, crypto insurance and betting as well as
develop a range of applications that apply blockchain to deepen problem-solving for societies
and individuals including highly scalable censorship-proof social apps that don’t require an army
of coders and developers for building and maintenance.

Vaast mining datacenters are physically distributed throughout China, Malaysia, Thailand and
Eastern Europe and they plan to set up a mining and research city in Antarctica by the end of
the decade.

Heim is an anonymity-centric fully autonomous and infinitely-scalable decentralized technology
for building the internet of seamlessly interacting and interoperable holographic temporal
blockchains and to power goal-driven long-running decentralized autonomous organizations as
well as self-evolving robotic/drone nodes without human bias, malice and intervention. Heim is
minerless as far its mainnet operation is concerned as the decision making powers of miners
have been shifted to internal functionally encrypted entities known as Guardians. But miners of PoW appcoin on Heim retain the power of decision making like other popular PoW blockchains.
Vaast will soon start distribution of two million Heim protocol tokens donated by the Heim team totheir Hashpower investors on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information please visit https://vaa.st and https://heim.technology to view their
respective websites.