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The Use of Cryptocurrencies in One of the Best Online Casinos

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Since the birth of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have been on a steady ascent, overall. Even the market collapse wasn’t enough to stifle Bitcoin’s breathing, and interest in the sector is still high. So, what does this signify for iGaming?

Simply said, it implies that Bitcoin gambling is here to stay. It also implies that the future of casinos and betting sites will almost certainly be based on the blockchain. In this post, we explore the present state of blockchain and BTC gambling, as well as a special crypto & NFT project.

The State of Crypto Gambling Today

Gambling has always been a leader in adopting new technologies. Casinos and sportsbooks have been fast to adopt new platforms and technologies in order to stay ahead of the competition since the early days of online gambling.

This is especially true of the crypto gambling business. We’ve seen multiple new casinos that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in recent years, but without fully grasping the concept. Which brings us to today’s topic: WAGMI Casino, a staple name in this industry, recently announced the launch of its brand new, ground-breaking NFT collection.

This novel collection started off as a project pursuing to reach the confluence of two majorly different worlds: gambling and NFTs. It is the brainchild of an astonishing team, with a vast experience from both fields, now working together with the same goal: creating a new online world! They plan on achieving that by designing one of the best crypto casinos that gives back to its loyal community.

About WAGMI’s project and concept

Coming from a team of people with a rich background in the online gambling business, naturally, the collection is centred around casino themed elements. “The Lucky Signs of the World” is a unique set of 3000 NFT poker chips, engraved with the symbols of good fortune from many different cultures.

But how exactly is WAGMI changing the face of iGaming? They are introducing blockchain technology, NFTs and crypto benefits, tailored for a better experience while playing casino games. Of course, all of this is expected to elevate the way players view an online casino.

Being a crypto casino, once it will be officially launched, it will be fully based on the use of cryptocurrencies, in order to gamble. You can expect great cashback and deposit bonuses, along with the equivalent of at least 500 euros every month, all thanks to owning one of WAGMI Casino’s NFTs. Not a Bitcoin fan? You will be able to use also ETH, DOGE and other such currencies.

Is There a Future for Crypto Gambling?

The blockchain is widely expected to play a significant role in the future of gambling. With the advantages that the technology provides — transparency, security, and decentralization, it’s tough to see how traditional online gambling sites may continue to operate in the long run.

However, there are still some barriers to overcome. Bitcoin and Ethereum aren’t yet widely accepted as payment options, and cryptocurrencies’ volatility remains a concern. However, as technology advances and more people become interested in the field, these problems will begin to dissipate.

Main advantages of using cryptocurrencies

  • Costs are cheaper, so the casino has a lower house edge and a higher RTP. In other words, you get more bang for your buck.
  • Fast and secure payments. You won’t have to wait days for your withdrawal to be processed.
  • A secure vault for your assets. The blockchain offers a more secure method to store personal and financial information (as long as you play at a reputable casino, like WAGMI Casino).

Check out WAGMI Casino’s new NFT collection and enjoy using crypto while playing your favorite casino game!