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Upwork, FIverr, and Beyond: DeeLance is Set to Transform Web3 Recruitment – Here’s How It Works

Sam Cooling
Last updated: | 3 min read
DeeLance Price Prediction - Why This New Web3 Freelance Platform Will  Explode
Source / Deelance

DeeLance, the Web3-based freelance and recruitment platform, is making its debut with a presale for its native token, $DLANCE. 

It’s no secret that freelancers crave instant payments, and now DeeLance is delivering just that.

What’s more, the platform enables users to transform their work into NFTs through its integrated marketplace.

In a world where trust is scarce, DeeLance swoops in with an automated dispute system, ensuring transactions between freelancers and clients are recorded on the public blockchain.

This means no more worrying about fraud during the payment process, as smart contracts have your back.

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How Does DeeLance Work?

And speaking of payments, DeeLance employs escrow accounts to guarantee timely payments for freelancers.

By utilizing crypto payment options, the platform boasts some of the lowest fees in the industry, charging recruiters a mere 2%. That’s significantly less than its rivals, UpWork and Fiverr.

With the added bonus of tokenizing work into NFTs, copyright infringement can kiss itself goodbye.

But wait, there’s more – DeeLance doesn’t stop at simplifying the freelance process; it also offers an NFT marketplace for members to create, buy, and sell a variety of NFTs.

Users can enjoy flexible prices, NFT catalogs featuring popular tokens, and NFT showcase events.

As if it wasn’t enough, DeeLance is also developing its metaverse, a virtual realm where freelancers and clients can connect in online lobbies and attend meetings via metaverse offices.

Ultimately, DeeLance aims to provide recruiters with access to the finest talent pools.

Currently, in stage one of a three-round presale, $DLANCE tokens are priced at a modest $0.025 per token. Token price increases in 11 days.

With 30% of its 1 billion token supply available for presale, this could be your chance to hop on the DeeLance bandwagon.

Dive into the DeeLance whitepaper to learn more, or join their Telegram channel for updates.

And don’t miss the Deelance $10k Giveaway this week!

Still pondering whether to invest in $DLANCE?

DeeLance’s metaverse promises a new way to connect with people, bridging geographical boundaries and offering freelancers the opportunity to showcase their portfolios, find potential buyers, and collaborate on similar projects.

Say goodbye to the dreary office life and hello to attending meetings from your cozy abode.

Worried about digital theft? Fear not, as DeeLance’s NFT integration provides assurance of ownership for both freelancers and clients. This level of security and transparency is bound to draw more professionals to the platform.

With lower fees and instant payouts in crypto, freelancers can rejoice as they save both time and money. No more waiting for payments or giving away substantial portions of earnings to the platform.

DeeLance’s high-tech recruitment tools ensure only the most skilled candidates make the cut, with a seamless process for companies to post jobs, review CVs, and make hires.

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In a nutshell, DeeLance’s transparent, secure, and user-friendly platform is the future of freelancing.

So, why not seize the moment and invest in $DLANCE tokens while the presale is still live?

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to be part of a revolutionary freelance platform that is poised to reshape the way we work, collaborate, and create. After all, the early bird catches the worm, or in this case, the $DLANCE tokens at a bargain price.

So, gather your crypto wallet and embark on this exhilarating journey with DeeLance, where creativity and innovation collide to revolutionize the world of Web3 freelancing.

Buy $DLANCE Here

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