03 Jan 2022 · 2 min read

UpLift to Launch Its Second IDO: Jumbo Decentralized Exchange

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

Jumbo Decentralized Exchange will launch its IDO on UpLift - a recognized Accelerator of the Year at AIBC summit 2021 - on the 10th of January at 13:00 GMT.

In a rapid succession, the UpLift platform setting out to become the first launchpad with a massive community of 1 million active participants, has announced the upcoming launch of the second IDO on the platform – the AMM DEX Jumbo Exchange.

After the first successful IDO for a revolutionary NFT marketplace YouMinter with an astounding 273,136.38 UMINT selling out before the official TGE, UpLift is aiming to reach even greater heights by setting out to raise 109,999 BUSD for a NEAR-native AMM DEX Jumbo Exchange.  

AMM DEX Jumbo Exchange is a decentralized exchange platform and automated market maker delivering the most intuitive experience you will ever have! As the adoption of decentralized exchanges grows, there is a disruptive opportunity in the market for a DEX offering higher degrees of reliability, as well as unobtrusive access for everyone looking to trade, swap, and stake digital assets.

A native project for the NEAR network, Jumbo Exchange is positioned as an AMM DEX, providing seamless user experience by implementing turnkey solutions for a fast and effortless exchange process for everyone. An intuitive design and user-friendly interface with immediate visual feedback and context-based instructions at each interaction with the exchange ensure a flawless user experience.

Running on the NEAR blockchain, Jumbo Exchange allows instantaneous swaps, seamless pool transitions, and access to permissionless liquidity pools. The platform ensures quick and easy onboarding for users who have no prior experience with decentralized exchanges as well as making it possible for anyone to become a liquidity provider without any complications.

About UpLift

UpLift is a launchpad positioned to become the leading platform for disruptive projects and retail investors to come together. UpLift DAO has set a goal to become the first launchpad with a massive community of 1 million active participants. The platform is backed by Ikigai Ventures – an early-stage venture capital fund unlocking the growth potential of startups scaling in Blockchain, Esports, Fintech, and Gaming. Having raised 450,675 BUSD in its first IDO, the UpLift platform incubates, launches, and accelerates the most promising projects in the DeFi.

IDO Details

Place: the UpLift Platform

Symbol: JUMBO

Network: Aurora

Tokens available for sale: 33,333 JUMBO 

Token Price: 3.3 BUSD

Target Amount:  109,999 BUSD

Round start date: January 10, 13:00 GMT

TGE: January 25, exact time TBA 

Vesting period: 20% of the tokens are unlocked at TGE with a 3 month cliff, followed by a 20% monthly unlock (once every 30 days).