Unlocking Potential: The 3 Best Cryptos with $100 to $1M Growth Potential


You wake up one morning and look at your crypto watchlist where a meme coin has just shot up by 150% in the last 24 hours. In the crypto world, this is a very common sight and we have got the 3 of those coins for you. 

Currently, these 3 crypto coins are covered by every news agency with analysts giving them a buying signal with the potential to touch a $1M return from a modest $100 buying amount.

BEFE (BEFE) Cryptocurrency News

BEFE is currently trading at a buy price of $0.0004312 on CoinMarketCap.

Among all the options out in the news, this meme coin is the talk of the town. This meme coin is not just another meme coin that you will buy and lose your money. BEFE is more than just hype news – it’s a meme coin that you can buy and simply forget.

Unlike most other meme crypto coins that you buy are part of pump-and-dump schemes, BEFE was launched directly to the public with no pre-sales whatsoever.

The best part, as stated in the news, is that BEFE has cracked a significant buying partnership with the Bitgert blockchain. By buying and staking their Bitgert coins, token holders can earn rewards in the form of new BEFE tokens without buying again. It’s a win-win news that drives up the value of both cryptocurrencies and is great news for investors.

Bitgert (BRISE) Cryptocurrency News

BItgert is currently trading at a buy price of $0.0000002465 on CoinMarketCap.

The Bitgert token is one of the most promising crypto coins to buy right now, based on recent news. Bitgert has immense capabilities that have outshined all the claims that Ethereum and Solana had made in the past by a huge margin.

Bitgert incorporated some salient features to make BRISE deflationary over time by burning tokens – very positive crypto news. Last week, they burned 1 Trillion tokens from the market as per last week’s news.

As per the Binance news portal, BRISE is going to get listed on Binance Futures soon!

Centcex (CENX) Cryptocurrency News

Centcex is currently trading at a buy price of $0.00055 on CoinMarketCap.

The last coin we’re covering today is Centcex. According to a recent report, it is the hub for developers who are constructing DApps and want lower fees and better apps to buy and trade crypto.

$1M Growth Potential

Crypto investments usually carry inherent risks due to huge volatility. Therefore, always do your research (DYOR) before investing in a coin based on news. But for degen investors looking to buy crypto based on news, this is one such opportunity they won’t want to miss. BEFE, Bitgert, and Centcex have immense growth potential that can turn $100 into $1M.


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