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Unleashing a Green Crypto Revolution: Earn Income while Fighting Climate Change with Chimpzee – 100x Potential in 2023?

Simon Chandler
Last updated: | 3 min read
Source: Chimpzee

Chimpzee has now entered the sixth stage of its presale, with the conservationist crypto platform having already sold more than $600,000 of its native CHIMPZ token.

This figure stands as a significant vote of confidence in the Ethereum-based platform, which will enable its users to donate to a variety of environmental projects via its shop-to-earn and trade-to-earn features.

It’s due to launch following the conclusion of its CHIMPZ presale, which will have 16 stages in total and a hard cap of $9,367,625.

Its strong fundamentals mean that it has every chance of reaching this total, and with CHIMPZ set to list on exchanges with an initial price of $0.00185, anyone who buys it now at $0.000670 may stand to make a big profit.

Unleashing a Green Crypto Revolution: Earn Income while Fighting Climate Change with Chimpzee

What’s interesting about Chimpzee’s presale, and what also helps it stand out from other token offerings, is that a portion of the funds it raises are being directed towards worth environmental causes.

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At every key milestone of the sale, Chimpzee has donated money towards such causes, with the platform already helping to plant 20,000 trees in Guatemala after raising $500,000.

Likewise, it donated money towards the protection of elephants in Mali after raising $250,000, while it’s currently working towards its next target of $750,000, at which point it will contibute towards conserving the habitats of black jaguars in South America.

Such donations have set the tone for Chimpzee’s future development, with the platform consisting of several features that will all enable users to indirectly donate towards important nature-conserving projects and organizations.

This will include a shop-to-earn component that will reward users in CHIMPZ for purchasing items at the Chimpzee store, and which will direct a portion of its turnover towards environmental initiatives.

It will also include a trade-to-earn NFT marketplace, in which users will be able to buy and sell non-fungible tokens while also earning a share of the trading fees the marketplace generates.

In fact, users will also be able to receive a share of trading fees simply by holding one of Chimpzee’s NFT passports, which are available to investors who purchase a certain amount of CHIMPZ at each stage of the presale.

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On top of this, Chimpzee will also incorporate a play-to-earn element, which will gamify participation in the platform’s ecosystem by rewarding users for reaching particular milestones, such as acquiring a personalized Chimpzee Avatar.

Taken together, such features promise to make Chimpzee one of the most exciting new projects in the cryptocurrency market, so it’s not difficult to see why it has been able to raise so much money at such an early stage of its presale.

New investors can join this presale by visiting the official Chimpzee website and connecting their software wallets, with CHIMPZ buyable using ETH, USDT or fiat currency.

As noted above, 1 CHIMPZ is now selling for $0.00067, with the presale making 11.85 billion CHIMPS available to buy in total (across all 16 stages of the sale).

Chimpzee is currently offering a bonus of up to 300% of the CHIMPZ tokens investors buy during the presale, although for a limited time only.

100x Potential in 2023?

And while CHIMPZ will end the presale with a listing price of $0.00185, it could easily rally to even higher levels once it lists on exchanges later in the year.

Indeed, the Chimpzee team has already revealed that it’s in talks with big centralized exchanges (CEXes) on the subject of listings, which will therefore follow soon after the presale concludes.

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And with such listings, CHIMPZ could easily rally to new heights, as has happened with other presale tokens to have listed over the past year or so.

It’s also entirely arguable that CHIMPZ has a much better chance of rallying than other presale tokens, given its fundamentals.

It plans to support a long list of NGOs working in the environmental and conservationist sector, for example, something wihch will give it a real edge other many other platforms and cryptocurrencies.

For this reason, it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see CHIMPZ beating the market comfortably in the next few months, when it lists on exchanges.

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