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Undercity’s Gaming Village Shows Massive Potential, Presale has started!

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The gaming industry is one of the best industries for applying cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the metaverse. This has been proven time and again, with some of the biggest gaming studios and companies now pouring resources into the technology. As a result, there is a great deal of potential for using decentralized technology in gaming – something which the creators of Undercity understand very well.

You may already know Undercity, as it made huge headlines when it was first announced. The project is both a real-life gaming village and a metaverse, bridging the two worlds to offer a one-of-a-kind experience. Now the project is gearing up for its presale, which begins on February 4 but is already seeing massive interest.

What is Undercity offering exactly? How does it act as a bridge between the digital world and the real world? What are the details of the presale? These are the questions we answer here.

The Gaming Village That Everyone Wants to Enter

Located in France, Undercity has a vast, sprawling village that is 10,000 square meters in area. Here, gamers will be able to participate in various activities and take advantage of numerous services. This includes virtual reality and streaming rooms, a restaurant and bar, and even Nordic chalets that will serve as accommodation.

It brings the most fun and social experiences to gamers and is designed to be inclusive and safe. The idea is to offer a truly unique setting for those who love the gaming hobby, allowing them to connect in real life and across games. Undercity will provide both cooperative and competitive experiences to users.

As such, the project’s focus on being “the dream place for video game enthusiasts” is very believable. But, of course, all of this can only be proven by what the ecosystem has to offer, so it is worth taking a closer at that.

UnderCity Has a Diverse Ecosystem

Undercity has several elements that help establish it as a comprehensive ecosystem for gamers. The standout feature is the fact that there is a 10,000 square meters village with a host of amenities, as mentioned earlier. However, there are also other features that make it attractive to those who can’t visit the village.

First and foremost, there’s the Underverse, which is the name of Undercity’s metaverse. This operates on a unique act-to-earn model that rewards players for being in character. It’s a way for players to earn for doing what they love the most – gaming. Gamers can still get a substantial portion of the Undercity experience by participating in the metaverse.

They will be rewarded in the UNDER token for their participation in the ecosystem. This has several benefits, including serving as payment for: 

  • Entrance to the Undercity village
  • Accommodation 
  • Renting gaming setups
  • Purchases in the shop 
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Remunerating developers, creators, and actors in Undercity
  • Organization of events and subscriber meetings

All this said and done, what gamers want most is actual games. The Undercity team knows this, so they are building their own first-person role-playing shooter where they can complete quests. The game is designed after CS: GO and Call of Duty, and the production value is high. The team is implementing realistic graphics and modern gameplay mechanics. You can see how you don’t need to be at the gaming village to enjoy the Undercity experience – though the village does have many unique perks.

Their rewards for finishing quests will be NFTs and other assets. They can also level up and equip new weapons and armor. Those who wish to monetize their gaming skills can sell weapons, armor, and other equipment on the NFT marketplace. There will also be both PvE and PvP experiences, as well as a battle royale mode. Other features worth noting are token swaps, staking, and an eSports facility.

The Under Presale is the Start of a Gaming Revolution

All of the ecosystem’s offerings will be powered by the UNDER token, which is undoubtedly set to have a popular presale when it begins next month. The token is at the heart of all experiences in the gaming village.

Undercity will begin its presale on February 4, 2023. Each UNDER token will cost 0.35 USDT, with the minimum investment being 50 USDT. There will be five stages in the presale, with each stage raising the token’s price. Therefore, those who see potential in the project should enter as quickly as possible to get the UNDER token at the lowest price. The total supply of UNDER is 57 million. 

There are only about 18 more days before the Undercity presale launches. The project’s unique design is sure to make itself a popular choice among investors, so expect the presale to run out quickly.

If you want to get in even earlier, it is highly recommended to participate in the $3000 giveaway that Undercity is currently conducting. This is an airdrop where participants will have to complete a few simple social activities, such as following Undercity’s Twitter account, visiting the official website, and joining the Telegram group.

Gamers Should Get Ready for a New Future 

Undercity looks like the start of a new era in the world of gaming. It combines the best of both worlds – the escape through its metaverse and the social nature of real-life gaming meetups. With the multiple benefits of the UNDER token, the project has the potential to create a trend in the gaming industry. On top of that, the project is also offering an actual video game that incorporates NFTs effectively.

With such a potent ecosystem, Undercity may become one of the year’s hottest presales. Visit the Undercity website and its social channels to learn more before the project becomes massive.

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