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Unblock the Cryptocurrency World with Ivacy VPN for $0.99!

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content

The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.


The world is taking a deep interest in cryptocurrencies, but several countries are taking measures to prevent individuals from investing in cryptocurrencies. It seems as though these countries fear cryptocurrencies as they could lead to problems of control and independence. While some countries are outright banning cryptocurrencies, some are having a hard time regulating crypto markets. Fortunately, these problems can be solved for good by using a reliable VPN like Ivacy VPN.

Understanding Geo-Restrictions

For the uninitiated, geo-restrictions, or geo-blocking, refers to the act of limiting access to online content. Online content is restricted based on a user’s physical location.

Streaming services like Netflix demonstrate how geo-restrictions work. Netflix users in France will not have access to a massive library compared to Netflix users in the US. The good news is you can use Ivacy VPN to unblock popular streaming platforms like Netflix. With Ivacy VPN, you will get access to content from 16 different regions with ease.


Using Ivacy VPN to Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Recently, Binance was issued a warning by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. The exchange could not carry out any ‘regulated activity’ in the UK, which resulted in users being prevented from making withdrawals. For this purpose and to unblock cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken, Ivacy VPN can be of great use.

To access crypto exchanges in restricted regions, a user needs to connect to a region where the exchange is accessible. Here is how Ivacy VPN can make this possible:

1. Access Ivacy VPN
2. Under Locations, select the appropriate location


3. Await VPN Connection
4. Once connected, you will be able to access Binance and make withdrawals in the UK.


Other Benefits of Using Ivacy VPN for Crypto Trading

While Ivacy VPN can be beneficial for Crypto trading, it has several other benefits that cannot be ignored, such as:

  • Defeating ISP Throttling for an increase in upload and download speeds
  • Benefiting from Deals and Discounts in Different Regions
  • Becoming Invisible on Public Networks for enhanced security
  • Securing Private and Remote Networks

Suppose you want to get Ivacy VPN for crypto trading or any other use cases mentioned above. You can get Ivacy VPN by signing up for its 7-days trial for a mere 0.99 USD to take the VPN provider for a spin. To benefit from the trial, click here.

It is worth noting, Ivacy VPN is available on all major platforms, i.e., iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, etc. Furthermore, a single Ivacy VPN subscription can be used on 10 devices simultaneously, thus delivering maximum value for your money.


Rest assured, this will be an investment that will pay for itself in the long run!