05 Oct 2022 · 2 min read

UCO Network Runs Token Sale on P2PB2B

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Partnered with VeChain, UCO Network is bringing Trust, Transparency & Traceability in the UCO sector Like Never Before! 

The token sale session for  UCO Network has already started on the P2PB2B exchange. Tokens can be purchased until October 10 along with joining the project community. 

💰IEO price: 0.16$/0.2$ (Week 1 & 2)
📊Total supply: 100,000,000 $UCOIL
📈Initial market cap: 2.9M$

Also participate in the UCO Network Giveaway, fulfill the conditions and win! In the meantime, a brief description of the project.

UCO Network: What is it?

UCO Network offers Biofuel Producers and Waste Management & Collection companies a compliant, reliable, and trustworthy way to handle used cooking oil. Using incentives, the project enables millions of new participants to access the market - businesses, entrepreneurs, developers, households, and individuals.

In addition to UCO Software Development and Waste Management Organisations, the UCO Network Team has notable contributors and advisors within the blockchain industry. UCO Network and VeChain have partnered to enable Trust, Transparency, and Traceability in the UCO sector.

What makes it unique?

Biofuel Producers and Waste Management & Collection companies can now operate their used cooking oil businesses in a compliant, reliable, and trustful manner through the UCO Network. From businesses to entrepreneurs to developers, to households and individuals, the project uses incentives to open markets to millions of new participants.

  1. Recycling. The Used Cooking Oil will be collected by Waste Collection and Management companies from registered establishments like hotels and restaurants. To avoid potential fraud in the supply chain, waste collectors audit and certify the UCO on-site as 100% sustainable;
  2. NFT. An NFT is issued after the UCO is collected and certified as conforming to RED II. When it's ready to be traded, it's stored in the WMC wallet;
  3. UCO MarketPlace. Trust, transparency and sustainability are all guaranteed with UCO NFTs in its global marketplace;
  4. Biofuel Producer. Biofuel Production company wallets will be able to prove their origins and sustainability once the UCO is delivered to the biofuel producer.

Furthermore, UCO Network offers $UCOIL, a token that is used as a catalyst for its ecosystem and drives itself-driven circular economy. It derives its utility from two main purposes: Access and Governance. The maximum supply of $UCOIL is fixed at 100 Million.

Join the UCOIL token sale now and get involved! Also, don’t forget to follow the project on social media:

🔸Website: uco.network/ 
🔸Pitchdeck: docsend.com/view/dcexgrbi53rezy2z 
🔸Twitter: twitter.com/uconetwork 
🔸Telegram group: t.me/UCO_Network_UCOIL 
🔸Telegram channel: t.me/UCO_Network
🔸Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/uco-network/ 
🔸Medium: uconetwork.medium.com/