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Tron ($TRX) Bulls Robust Despite Broader Sell-Off, $TRX, InQubeta ($QUBE) Post Strong Gains – What’s Behind The Pump

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

Amid a broader market sell-off, TRON ($TRX) has defied the odds, showcasing a remarkable bull run that has caught the crypto community’s attention. At the same time, a relatively new entrant, InQubeta ($QUBE), has embarked on a meteoric rise that defies conventional market trends. While the broader cryptocurrency market experienced a significant sell-off, these top DeFi projects have defied the trend, posting substantial gains.

InQubeta promotes cutting-edge projects intended to bring the advantages of artificial intelligence (AI) to society. This blockchain ICO benefits the decentralized finance (DeFi) and AI sectors, as startups and investors can investigate exciting opportunities. Startups can use InQubeta to make their ideas a reality, and investors who fund them can access projects that haven’t yet been released and get an early bird advantage.

This article delves into the factors behind this unexpected surge and what it could mean for the future of these tokens.

InQubeta ($QUBE): A Rising Star in the Crypto Universe

InQubeta has entered the world of cryptocurrencies with strong gains and compelling features. One of the reasons behind its remarkable pump is the intersection between AI and blockchain, which democratizes access to AI startups. Its native $QUBE token is a governance token, allowing holders to influence decisions regarding the platform’s growth and functioning and enabling fractional investment in these firms.

AI startups can create and list non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on InQubeta’s NFT market. To entice new investors, they can support their NFTs with rewards or company equity. Using $QUBE tokens, investors can research and assess the prospects of these specific projects and engage in small-scale investing. The associated startup uses the investment funds raised to support its expansion. This tactical approach has projected InQubeta as the best crypto investment as it not only helps both parties but also builds a community open to all. Investors also have a right to additional benefits associated with these startups, including exclusive access to the goods and services offered by these startups and profit sharing.

The distinctive tax structure of $QUBE adds to its appeal. A 2% tax for each purchase and sale transaction is sent to a burn wallet, and a 5% tax goes to a separate reward pool. This deflationary model is another reason for its surge as it mitigates market instability and maintains token price stability. The supply of a deflationary token is never permitted to exceed its demand, ensuring token holders don’t lose their rewards to market volatility.

Token holders of $QUBE who stake their tokens can also benefit from this scheme. Investor confidence in this blockchain ICO’s potential is shown in the large trade volumes and soaring demand for $QUBE tokens, which has resulted in a consistent rise in value.

TRON ($TRX): Redefining Decentralization in Crypto

TRON is a blockchain built on a decentralized operating system. The platform was developed to facilitate the development of decentralized applications (dApps) and a decentralized internet. The capacity of $TRX to produce content and distribute it freely with low transaction costs gives it an edge in the blockchain ecosystem. It is popular in the DeFi sector due to its fast throughput and scalability.

TRON is currently leading the daily transaction market with 5 million daily transactions. As a result, TRON has proven that it can manage massive volumes of transactions, propelling it to substantial gains. The most recent announcement from $TRX stated that the network’s address count had recently surpassed 183 million. Although that is a remarkable accomplishment, the causes of this expansion are more notable. By far, stablecoins are TRON’s main growth engine, and a closer look reveals the network’s successful business strategy, which is one of the reasons behind its recent pump.


While the broader cryptocurrency market faced a recent sell-off, top DeFi projects like TRON and InQubeta have managed to defy the trend and post strong gains. The resilience of TRON and the rapid rise of InQubeta highlight the dynamic nature of the crypto market. The success of the $QUBE project reflects its dedication to democratizing AI investment and its creative use of blockchain technology. The token’s continued success illustrates the platform’s potential and projects it as the best crypto investment, given the growing significance of AI in the cryptocurrency industry. Investors are closely monitoring QUBE’s development, and it is obvious that InQubeta has enormous potential in artificial intelligence and crypto.

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Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.