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Triple Your BTC and ETH in a Year with this Failsafe Strategy

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Want to earn a sizable profit on your Bitcoin or Ethereum without exposing yourself to massive risk or having to stay glued to a screen tracking market prices all day?  

In that case, your best strategy is to open an interest-generating wallet. 

To see what benefits an interest-bearing  wallet can offer, particularly in the current crypto climate, we’ll be using a rising up-an-comer  ArbiSmart as our use case. It is wallet and financial services ecosystem, fueled by the native token, RBIS, which analysts are projecting will rise to over 70 times its current price by the end of 2022. 

The Unique Benefits of Interest-bearing Wallets  

The main advantages of a wallet are essentially low risk and low effort for relatively high returns.  


ArbiSmart’s EU authorized interest-generating wallet stores Bitcoin, Euro and over twenty other major FIAT and digital currencies.  You simply make a deposit, and in return, your funds are kept safe while they earn a profit.  Even during a crypto crash, you will continue to earn the same consistent rate of interest. Specifically in ArbiSmart’s case, the profits  are a major benefit, reaching unmatched rates of up to 147% a year. 

Flexibility is another factor to consider. With ArbiSmart, you can lock capital in short-term savings for 1 or 3 months, or in long-term 2, 3, and 5-year savings plans for a higher return. The interest can be sent each day to a special, available balance, where it is instantly accessible, or it can be locked in the savings balance alongside the capital on which it is being earned, for a higher rate. 

 How to Boost Your Profits 

The token economy of your wallet platform can have a major impact on your potential profits. For example, with ArbiSmart, if you buy the project’s native token, RBIS, you can earn a better return on your Bitcoin and Euro savings. 

Basically, your account level, which is based on how much RBIS you hold, decides the amount of interest you earn on savings balances in all supported currencies. As well as better rates, the  higher account levels also benefit from compounding. 

In addition, if you choose to open an RBIS balance, you will earn triple the interest earned by balances in any other currency.  But if you prefer, you can keep your balance in BTC, EUR or another currency and still boost your profits by receiving the daily interest in RBIS. 


The wallet was only recently introduced in early July, but as it keeps expanding its user-base, with more people locking RBIS in savings balances, token demand will grow.  Meanwhile, the permanently limited RBIS supply will decrease, pushing up the price and providing capital gains on top of profits from wallet interest.   

The Advantage of a Growing Ecosystem  

Many wallets are part of a broader financial hub that offers additional potentially revenue-generating services.  

For example, ArbiSmart already offers another bear resilient service alongside it’s crypto wallet, automated crypto arbitrage. This is a type of low-risk investing strategy, which which generates passive profits from brief windows in which a coin is available across a number of exchanges at different prices at once. 

These price disparities occur regularly, in both bull and bear markets, arising from differences in liquidity and trading volume between bigger and smaller exchanges. All the user has to do is deposit funds, which are converted into RBIS and used to perform crypto arbitrage trading.   

ArbiSmart’s crypto arbitrage system is connected to almost forty exchanges and an algorithm scans them all simultaneously, 24/7, identifying price differences, and automatically buying the coin at the lowest available price and then selling it at the highest, generating steady passive profits, of up to 45% a year, depending on the user’s account level. 

In addition, throughout the rest of 2022, a number of new utilities are being add to the ArbiSmart ecosystem, which should further drive token demand, since they will all require use of RBIS.  Later in Q3 and in Q4, ArbiSmart is launching a mobile app, an NFT marketplace, a unique collection of thousands of virtual artworks and a decentralized yield farming program, rewarding participants with up to 190,000% APY, plus 0.3% of fees from each trade. Before the year’s end, the development team also aims to introduce a play-to-earn gaming metaverse and a professional cryptocurrency exchange. 

All these interlinked utilities also provide higher returns when used alongside other services within the ecosystem, further pushing up RBIS token demand. For example, a visitor to the ArbiSmart metaverse can increase their score, by purchasing an in-game item from the NFT marketplace. 

So, as a wallet holder, by buying RBIS you will earn a higher interest on your BTC and EUR savings plans, while potentially seeing significant capital gains on the rising token value, as new RBIS utilities are introduced. Each of these in turn, will also provide its own revenue stream from gaming and trading, to NFT collecting, and liquidity mining.  

To start earning industry-high profits, securely, whichever direction crypto prices are moving, open a wallet now