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Transform the EV Industry and Earn Carbon Credits – This New Crypto Project is Not to Be Missed

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 3 min read

Electric vehicles are currently all the rage at the moment. Recent reports put EV sales for the European bloc at 12.1% for the past year. However, as the market for these cars grows, several underlying issues have now been unearthed. 

One of those is the fact that charging these cars isn’t so convenient. And with C+Charge, EV users finally have a chance to overcome this issue. 

Better Value for EV Ownership

C+Charge is a new blockchain solution for the EV industry looking to provide higher efficiency in vehicle charging payments. 

Unveiled in 2022, the platform provides a peer-to-peer payment system powered by its native token, CCHG. With this asset, EV owners can charge their cars conveniently, enjoying speed, reliability, and transparency. 

The developers of C+Charge discovered a significant issue with EVs. While the market continues to grow and cars increase in number, there is a gap in Theirr’s infrastructural payment efficiency. 

CurrentlyThey also, EV owners have to deal with an uneven distribution of charging stations and tools. They also don’t have insights into payment costs and other significant information. 

C+Charge’s developers are hoping to address this with the CCHG token. The asset will provide transparency and reliability in payments, ensuring that EV owners can earn more from their car ownership. 

Just as well, the use of a native token ensures that EV users will be able to pay regardless of where they are. 

Instead of converting money in a foreign land to pay for charging their EVs, owners can easily pay using their CCHG tokens. C+Charge will work on partnering with existing charging stations and also build its Payments will be completed using the C+Charge app, including nearby charging stations and a built-in wallet. 

Networkincluding keeping of stations in the future. So, EV owners never have to feel stranded anymore. 

Payments will be completed using the C+Charge app, including keeping it as a built-in wallet. Investors can convert money into CCHG, use it for payments, and keep it as a tradable coin with significant value. 

Payments will be completed using the C+Charge app, including keeping it as a built-in wallet. 

The mobile app will also provide access to real-time information on things like nearby charging stations and payment details. Plus, users can use it to run diagnostics on their cars and fix them. 

Carbon Credits for Payments

Besides the ability to make easy and seamless payments, C+Charge is also developing a system for users to earn carbon credits. 

When users make payments with the CCHG token, they can earn carbon credits in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These credits can be traded or sold, with investors earning direct monetary benefits. 

C+Charge’s developers believe that this is a great way to provide EV users with Accessing more value. 

Over the years, the market for carbon credits has been significantly closed off, with only high-net-worth individuals being able to access them. 

This platform hopes to democratize the landscape, ensuring that anyone can access these credits and providing an added value piece for anyone who owns an EV 

Accessing carbon credits also provides an additional incentive for many people to join the green revolution and switch to electric vehicles. So, it’s a win-win for everyone. 

The CCHG Token

As explained earlier, the CCHG token is the native asset for C+Charge. The asset processes payments within the ecosystem, allowing holders to get even more value for owning their cars. 

The token is also a deflationary asset, with units of it being removed from circulation whenever it is being used for payments. This model supports a possible upward price change, creating currently even more value for investors. 

Currently, CCHG has raised over $2.1 million from its presale. Investor demand continues to surge, so this is a good time to buy. 

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