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Traders Predict $20 Million Token IMPT might 10x After LBank Exchange Listing

Simon Chandler
Last updated: | 3 min read

Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of

LBank Exchange has officially listed IMPT, the native token of carbon credit marketplace and retail platform IMPT, which closed its presale on Monday after raising $20.5 million. LBank is the first exchange to list the new altcoin, with support from Uniswap and Changelly Pro also confirmed, and more trading platforms likely to follow next year.

Given IMPT’s promising fundamentals, it has a good chance of witnessing strong gains in the coming days and weeks, with the coin already proving attractive to ESG-minded investors. In fact, some traders are predicting that it could record 10x gains in the wake of its new listings, following in the footsteps of other successful presales this year.

Traders Predict $20 Million Token IMPT might 10x After LBank Exchange Listing

The IMPT presale ended only two days ago, but it has already become a tradable coin, thanks to LBANK Exchange’s support.

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Looking at the IMPT trading page on LBANK, current data suggests that it has risen by over 240% since listing (as of writing). This bodes very well for the future of the altcoin, and makes it one of today’s best-performing coins.

Source: LBANK Exchange

That the IMPT sale raised just over $20.5 was already a strong signal that it would perform well once it listed. But if this weren’t enough, some traders are predicting big gains for the new token, with tenfold increases being a common forecast among YouTube analysts.

The predictions don’t stop there, because more ambitious traders have set even bigger targets for IMPT, with a 1,000x increase being the largest we’ve seen so far. 

Of course, such an increase would be a long-term target, but it nonetheless underlines the expectation that surrounds IMPT. 

Such expectation has arisen not only because of the success of the coin’s presale, but also because of its fundamentals. That is, IMPT will offer a marketplace for NFT-based carbon offsets as well as an eco-friendly retail platform, the latter of which will enable consumers to buy products from merchants who direct a small cut of their revenues to environmental projects and initiatives.

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IMPT has already signed up around 25,000 affiliate retailers, giving users plenty of choice when they shop through its platform. Not only will they have choice, but their purchases via IMPT will be rewarded with IMPT tokens, which can be used to purchase NFT-based carbon credits.

Such credits can either be sold on IMPT’s marketplace or retired, thereby contributing to a user’s score. This score provides an account of their carbon footprint and environmental impact, encouraging them to behave in a more ecologically aware way.

Importantly, IMPT’s use of the Ethereum blockchain means that the carbon credits it supports can be openly tracked and monitored. This will go a long way towards addressing many of the issues that, up until now, have affected the legacy carbon credit market, such as the opacity of price rises.

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Taken together, such features provide IMPT with an excellent launchpad for future growth and success. Because IMPT the token will be used to pay for carbon credits, and fees, it will likely grow in parallel with the growth of its native platform.

At the same time, its hard cap of 3 billion means that it could end up being deflationary over time, further increasing the probability of future price increases. As such, it looks set to have a very good 2023, as suggested by its already successful LBANK listing.

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