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Tradecurve (TCRV) Looks To Raise $20Million, Filecoin And Hedera Whales Jump Ship

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Crypto investors are heaving a huge sigh of relief as a crypto rising star, Tradecurve (TCRV), begins its first presale phase. Tradecurve’s mission is simple: change the face of crypto exchange and deliver massive returns for investors. 

Filecoin and Hedera Whales are two crypto players set to lose ground to the new kid on the block. Let’s get into the details.

The Tradecurve Ecosystem is Difficult to Resist 

Tradecurve is a brand-new, cutting-edge trading platform allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies, foreign currency, equities, and commodities hassle-free all from one account.

Tradecurve provides transparent trading while helping users to preserve their winnings through its super-low trading fees. The exchange ensures that users don’t have to worry about stringent KYC requirements that users of other exchanges feel are unnecessary. All the platform requires is an email address and wallet connection, and you are all set. 

Tradecurve’s native utility token $TCRV allows holders to benefit from many rewards such as; passive income generation, 500:1 trading leverage, access to trading academies via the Metaverse, lower subscription and trading fees. 

Tradecurve’s native utility token $TCRV has also been audited by Cyber Scope, whilst a team KYC was carried out by AssureDeFi further providing security and transparency to investors. 

Currently in it’s presale stage $TCRV is trading at $0.01, analysts predict that Tradecurve will surge 40x-50x once the token launches, providing investors and traders with a unique opportunity to generate fast profits from a transparent crypto project.

Filecoin is Yet to Regain Ground 

It’s no secret that the crypto market was badly hit in 2022. One of the worst victims was Filecoin. 

Filecoin is a decentralized file storage network that uses the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and blockchain technology to store user files. Users can approach Filecoin to store their files on its storage for a fee. Users will pay this fee with Filecoin’s native token, FIL. 

Formed by Juan Benet and Protocol Labs, Filecoin aims to become a secure, swift, and decentralized storage option for the digital community. However, Filecoin hasn’t done so well on the trading floor. 

Filecoin is one of the most performing crypto assets in the top 100. It currently sits among the bottom 20 in performance over the last year. It remains to be seen if its high liquidity and positive performance in the past month will retain the trust of its customers in the face of an advancing Tradecurve wave.

Hedera Whales: Still Swimming in Dangerous Waters?

According to expert predictions, things aren’t looking up for Hedera Whales/Hashgraph (HBAR) soon. Its recent performance has put off its investors and placed the token in a problematic situation, especially as Tradecurve builds massive momentum. 

Hedera Hashgraph is a platform that hosts decentralized applications. Hedera doesn’t operate with blockchain technology. Instead, it depends on Hashgraph technology, a form of Distributed Ledger Technology. 

Hedera runs on its own HBAR native token, which is a requisite for transactions on the platform. Hedera prides itself on the speed of its platform. But its performance could have been more impressive for investors. 

Hedera has struggled to make a rebound from the 2022 market slide. Even though it has maintained high liquidity, Hedera is down 69% since the past year and, among the top 100 cryptos, is among the bottom 25.

Tradecurve is Still Welcoming New Investors 

Tradecurve has opened its doors to investors with its ongoing presale. The platform aims to reach $20 million when its presale closes. 

Market analysts predict that the token will be 50X before the end of its presale and 100X before it launches in the market. So, you have no good reason to hesitate. Now is the best time to buy your share of Tradecurve. 

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