Trade $COV (Covesting) on KuCoin and win a share of the $50,000 prize pool

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Covesting, PrimeXBT’s copy-trading module, is partnering with KuCoin to give the community a chance to win a cool $50,000! This is a trading competition that will end on September 21, 2022. 

Covesting : copy-trading module

First, a word about Covesting: In 2020, PrimeXBT launched Covesting, its copy trading module. Soon after, the platform integrated its utility token, the $COV. 

Covesting is a module that allows copy trading, that is, the possibility for users of the site, especially less experienced traders, to literally copy the trading strategies of professional or very experienced traders. 

It should be noted that with this system, everyone can benefit. On the one hand, novice users can learn by mimicking the winning strategies of the most successful traders and thus generate profits. On the other hand, the traders with the best results earn a share of the commissions of those who follow them and adopt the trading strategies they have developed.

The $COV: the indispensable utility token 

The COV token is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum blockchain (ETH) smart contracts. It was explicitly designed for use via the Covesting copy trading module. 

In particular, strategy managers can reduce their trading costs by up to 25% per month by paying a fixed amount of COV tokens. Please note that the rate reduction and the activation fee may change, so it is important to check the latest information on the offers listed in the Covesting module’s COV token dashboard on PrimeXBT.

Another benefit of owning COV is that the token is regularly burned, which reduces the overall supply and therefore increases its value over the long term. 

Three ways to win big

There’s a lot to gain from this joint promotional campaign. Here are three ways to earn COV in three activities.

There’s a lot to gain from this joint promotional campaign. Here are three ways to earn VOC in three activities.

  • Activity #1: KuCoin will hold a draw for users whose transaction amounts (purchases + sales) reach 500 COV or more. No less than 500 lucky users will share the $5,000 COV prize pool. Each winning user will receive $10 in COV.
  • Activity #2: During the campaign period, the first 100 accounts with the highest volume of COV trading (purchases + sales) on KuCoin will win a share of a COV prize pool worth $35,000.
  • Activity #3: Users who reach 800 COV transactions (purchases + sales) and add COV/USDT, COV/BTC and COV/ETH trading pairs to their favourites list will share equally in a COV prize pool worth $10,000!

You will find all the details of the offer on this page. 

Good luck!

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