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Total Privacy for Bitcoin Transactions – with Coinomize

Last updated: | 2 min read

The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.

There is no need to tell you how many people have entered the crypto field in 2021, especially given the recent Bitcoin bull run.

Although Bitcoin has been around for 12 years, businessmen like Elon Musk needed to show interest in it to come to light – even if Bitcoin had what it takes to overcome fiat from the beginning.

After Bitcoin went on stage, it instantly conquered many individuals because it provides the financial protection that everyone has known for ages.

But you might want to know that Bitcoin, while it provides P2P transfers and security from cybercriminals, it does not grant you complete anonymity.

The blockchain, which is public, lists all bitcoin transactions. So governments, marketing companies, and many others can easily track you. Your privacy is the most valuable thing in a financial revolution, and it’s not totally assured.

At least, not without Coinomize – The best bitcoin mixer to protect your Bitcoins.

What is Coinomize, and what it does?

Coinomize is a “bitcoin mixer”, so you can already assume what it is doing.

The platform blends your coins with other users’ coins in a pool to make your transactions unidentifiable. Ultimately, no one can say who was involved in the transaction. And this is thanks to the Bitcoin blender payment system.

Coinomize removes all user-related data records 72 hours after the transaction to ensure even more protection for your financial information. Besides, people are free to remove them sooner manually.

And you didn’t hear the best part; Coinomize’s costs are meager. You will pay between 1 to 5% service charge depending on the mixing power you want and the transfer time delay you agree on. Moreover, the Miner’s fee is just 0,0003 BTC.

You could reach the maximum strength with 72h transfer delay and just a 5% fee, for instance. Obviously, when creating an order, you are free to change the sliders and find your perfect combo.

How is it done?

With only three steps:

  1. You enter your BTC address and send your coins to them;
  2. Coinomize mixes the coins to make them untraceable after a sole confirmation;
  3. After the blending is finished, you get new, clean Bitcoins from the network.

And that’s all.

This is useful, especially for those living in a country where Bitcoin transactions are prohibited. Therefore, you can use the most innovative financial technology without dealing with the government who can’t control them.

No one will ever discover that you joined the crypto ride, nor sneak into your data.

If you want to learn more about the program and the company’s plans for the future, make sure to follow them on their media: