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Top Trending Coins Today 10 October – XRP, IMPT, ATOM, LUNC, TAMA

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The cryptocurrency market has remained flat for the past week, with a total cap of $979 billion. This represents a 3% fall since Wednesday but a 2% rise in a week. Overall, the picture continues to be less than positive, with the market declining by 10% in the last month and by 57% since the start of 2022, driven down by rising inflation and rates, as well as the ongoing war in Ukraine. 

However, despite the wider market’s trouble, a number of coins are showing strong growth and attracting plenty of interest from traders. This article collects the top trending coins today, including XRP, ATOM, LUNC, IMPT, and TAMA.

Top Trending Coins Today 10 October


While down by 0.5% in the past 24 hours, XRP is up by 14% in a week and by 44% in a month, at $0.514254.

According to its technicals, XRP is enjoying some strong momentum right now. Its relative strength index (purple) has risen to 70 in the past couple of weeks, while its 30-day moving average (red) is about to rise above its 200-day (blue). Doing so would constitute a golden cross, signaling a potential breakout.

XRP has been doing well in the past couple of weeks because of Ripple. The ongoing case with the SEC appears to be entering its end phase, given that both parties filed a motion for the presiding court to reach a summary judgment (rather than enter a full-blown legal hearing).

Not only that, but the judges handling the case have taken a number of rulings recently that lean significantly in Ripple’s favor. This includes Judge Torres ruling that the SEC must share emails relating to William Hinman’s 2018 speech in which the former SEC chair declared that BTC and ETH aren’t securities.

As such, there’s every possibility that Ripple will secure a favorable outcome, with XRP surging as a result. This is why it continues to trend.

The Impact Project (IMPT)

One of the newest tokens in the market, the Impact Project, launched its presale only a week ago. It has already raised just over $2.7 million, having crossed the $2 million threshold within five days.

Running on the Ethereum blockchain, the Impact Project is a decentralized marketplace for carbon credits, as well as a platform where consumers can support green initiatives and retailers.

It tokenizes carbon credits in the form of NFTs, which can be traded on the Impact Project’s marketplace or can be earned by users when they buy items from partnered retailers. They can also be earned by supporting environmental campaigns and projects undertaken by the platform’s partners.

By putting carbon credits on the blockchain, the Impact Project hopes to make the carbon offset market fairer and more transparent in that the openness of the Ethereum blockchain reduces the scope for the abuses that have plagued the global carbon credit market up until now. It’s because of such an innovative approach that the Impact Project has been able to enjoy a successful presale, while its green credentials have also attracted ESG investors.

Cosmos (ATOM)

At $12.76, ATOM is down by 2% in a day. However, it is up by 6% in a week, despite having declined by 20% in the last 30 days.

ATOM’s indicators are in an interesting position. Its RSI is hovering around 50, having dipped a little following the coin’s 24-hour drop. On the other hand, its 30-day moving average looks like it’s about to overtake its 200-day, indicating a potential breakout.

Either way, ATOM has been trending as of late because of the growth of Cosmos. It now has over $500 million in total value locked in, with the Kava Network being the biggest member of its ecosystem.

As of September, it has now also facilitated over $1.2 billion in cross-chain transfers, indicating just how big its ‘internet of blockchains’ network has become in the past few months.

Adding to this momentum is Circle’s decision to launch USDC on Cosmos, helping to fill the stablecoin void left by Terra’s dramatic collapse in May. With the second-biggest stablecoin by market cap coming to Cosmos, this will almost certainly boost its usage, which is why it continues to trend today.

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC)

LUNC is up by 4% in the past 24 hours, reaching $0.00030854. This represents a 7% drop in a week but an impressive 57% rise in a fortnight.

LUNC’s chart strengthens the view that it’s currently undergoing a rally of sorts. Its RSI has jumped from close to 30 to 70 in the past few days, showing good momentum that may continue.

While we can continue pointing out that LUNC no longer has any real fundamentals to speak of, it continues to attract interest from traders. This is because Binance and a number of other important players are supporting its ongoing token burns, which will reduce its supply and, by extension, increase demand.

It’s likely that Binance may undertake another LUNC token burn this week, with the last burn destroying nearly six billion of its circulating supply. At the same time, today has brought the news that KaJ Labs, the developer of Lithosphere (LITHO), will set aside $450 million in order to burn around 2.5 trillion LUNC.

If this burn does go ahead, it will go a long way toward pushing LUNC back toward its original supply of roughly six billion. And some Terra supporters believe that the failed stablecoin USTC will eventually return to $1 as a result.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

TAMA is down by 15% in the past 24 hours. At $0.04186272, it’s also down by 38% in the past week but up by 113% in the past 10 days.

Despite its recent dip, TAMA continues to enjoy good momentum over the medium term. It has largely been on a roll since its presale last month, which saw it raise $19 million.

Soon after, it was listed on major exchange OKX and OKX’s decentralized trading platform (which supports worldwide traders), something which helped it surge to an all-time high of $0.194446. It has come down since then, but new listings look set to help it regain its strength.

Indeed, Tamadoge has applied to Binance for a listing, and if this comes through, the altcoin will likely shoot upwards again. And with the play-to-earn gaming Metaverse launching its first NFT collection on the road towards building out its Metaverse, it has plenty to look forward to.

Anyone interested in hearing more about TAMA’s OKX listing can join the planned OKX AMA with Carl Dawkins (Head of Growth for Tamadoge) at 8 am UTC on October 14.