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Top 5 Exchange to List Tamadoge on April 27th – 234% Price Pump Incoming

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 6 min read
Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Friday April 14th 2023Tamadoge’s (TAMA) play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform is set to list on a top 5 crypto exchange on April 27th, leading to a surge in buyer interest in the utility-rich meme coin.

This latest news comes after the successful launch of five play-to-earn arcade games, as the project powers through its roadmap milestones to its main app launch later this year.

Although the team will not reveal the name of the tier 1 exchange until April 24th, whichever one it is will deliver a surge in liquidity for TAMA token trading pairs.

TAMA is currently trading on the OKX exchange at $0.0122  today, after pulling back from an intraday high of $0.0133, a gain of 16%. 

Top meme coin Tamadoge has put in strong support at the $0.0114 level, which augurs well for an imminent price explosion.

OKX is the sixth-ranked exchange according to crypto data site CoinMarketCap. 

Tamadoge is listed on 15 exchanges.

Eagle-eyed followers of the project will know that Tamadoge recently took part in a competition organized by a leading crypto exchange. 

Still, all will be definitively revealed on Monday April 24th. 

Tamadoge token price action is starting to hot up

As the countdown to its newest listing continues, trading volume growth has been gathering pace in recent hours. 

The price is up 4.5% at $0.0121 in the past 24 hours, according to Coinmarketcap’s aggregated data.

Although there was some selling late in the Asia session, the weight of volume coming into the TAMA/USDT trading pair (see 3-hour chart below as at 8.20 UTC) in the past few hours attests to likely bullish interest developing today. 

Tamadoge is set up nicely, having taken out key resistance at $0.0124, piercing the important Ichimoku cloud on the 12-hour chart (below). 

Although the price gave up some gains late in the Asia session, the piercing of the Ichimoku shows serious intent – the next resistance level at $0.014 is likely to be tested soon.

Zooming out, this time to the 1-day chart, and three regions of resistance can be discerned that will determine price progress.

The prospect of the listing in 13 days, driving sufficient upward momentum to challenge and overcome this important overhead resistance, is very high.

TAMA set to pump 234% in run-up to listing and after 

At this juncture, there are three targets for bulls that will potentially return 66% ($0.0225), 156% ($0.034) and 234% ($0.042).

Depending on risk profile and the entry points taken, there is substantial upside potential for new investors, regardless of exact timings.

Finally, on a pure technical analysis view, a chart of the entire OKX price history of TAMA on the face of it shows some way to go before the price action kills the zero required to take it back to its all-time high (ATH) at $0.196 – a 1,533% gain on the current price.

But look more carefully and the strong support around the current price levels contrasts with the likely instability of the price above the three areas of resistance previously identified (purple).

This conclusion is supported by the volume profile (on y axis). 

The red line marking the point of control shows the price level at which there is the greatest stability as, that’s the price where trading volume was at its highest. 

The opposite is the case in the gigantic run up to the all-time high. 

The number of trades at these levels is far lower, which means from a bullish perspective, there is relatively little resistance to hold back an advance.

Excellent set up for Tamadoge to reclaim and surpass all-time high

However, it would have been better on the way up if the price had consolidated by trending higher more slowly, with pullbacks along the way. 

Instead the price ripped higher in parabolic fashion, drawing in inexperienced traders who ended up being bagholders.

The current set up is unfolding against a background of strongly improving general market conditions, as opposed to the onset of the crypto winter that accompanied the printing of the TAMA all-time high. 

This time, then, there are strong technicals allied to sound fundamentals at the product development level to give confidence to Tamadoge’s loyal community and those looking to buy into the next big meme coin to explode.

5 arcade game launches underpin solid product fundamentals

The news follows on from five successful arcade game releases by the leading P2E-based meme coin games ecosystem.

Tama Run was the most recent and all have been well received by the growing Tamadoge community of gamers. 

All the arcade games have a free practice mode. To play the P2E version you will need to buy credits and you can use one of the three types of Tamadoge NFTs: common, rare and ultra-rare. 

The three collections of Tamadoge NFTs come with varied skill and strength attributes, to improve your chances of success.

Every week there are prizes distributed to the leaderboard winners. 

If you finish in the leaderboard top 20 in the weekly competition, then you are in line to win a portion of the prize pool rewards. 

The prize pool is reset every week so there’s always the opportunity to start afresh and win. 

“With all five games delivered, we turn our focus to the mobile app” – Jon Bishop, CEO

Jon Bishop, CEO of Tamadoge, commenting on the recent launch of Tama Run said: “The team has delivered all five games on time and as promised, which is a great achievement. 

“The games are also showing early signs of success with over 81,000 credits purchased, 17,000+ MAUs (monthly active users) and a grand total of 270,323 $TAMA, to date, already paid out to players on the leaderboards.

“With all five games delivered, we turn our focus to the mobile app, which is already being built. Having our games on mobile is a pivotal part of our rapid growth plan and will go a long way to proving that our approach is the best way to scale and monetize Web3 games.

There are now 22,000 gamers playing Tamadoge arcade games every month.

The arcade game so far released are:

Tama Run – Hone your skills as you try to out run and dodge the devils and ghosts lurking in the haunted graveyard

Tama Blast – Test your skills in this precision game as you try to score as many goals as possible.

Rocket Doge – Help your Tamadoge navigate a perilous course on board an out-of-control rocket.

To The Moon – The moon is your destination as you help your pup soar to new heights!

Super Doge – Tamadoge is pitted against multiple enemies in this classic side-scroller. Collect coins to win!

Enter the Tamaverse 

The arcade games are tasters for the main event, which is the Tamadoge AR app, upon which work has already started. 

Using augmented reality (AR) technology, players will be able to nurture their Tamadoge pets 24/7, as well as interact with them in a mixed reality world. 

No headset is required to enter the Tamaverse – just the smartphone app. 

TAMA is listed on 15 centralized exchanges (CEXs), including top 10 crypto exchange OKX, as well as on leading decentralized exchange Uniswap. 

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Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.