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Token Presale for BNB Chain’s Version of Bitcoin Launches & Projected To Avg 14-Cent Per Transaction

The official token presale for BNB-Chain’s new version of Bitcoin (BTC) has launched. The name of the cryptocurrency is “Bitnance” and it has a token symbol of $BTN.

Recently launched, the presale has 176 days left. However, the initial coin offering could sell out long before the dated deadline.

Token Sales of Bitnance Surging

In the last 7 days alone, over US$16,500 in tokens has been sold to crypto investors. The fast upward sales movement indicates trades are acutely aware of the project; With 1 Bonk Inu whale already trading in his memecoins to invest $12,000.

In this first round of the presale crypto, $BTN tokens are being sold for US$0.357 each. The ICO is close to having its first 50,000 tokens sold.

The Bitnance presale will offer investors the chance to purchase 56% of the total token supply. This is a total of 5.6-million tokens of 10-million to be minted.

Why Are Investors Buying

The reason investors are finding interest in the Bitnance project is the ‘new era’ of crypto traders, choosing to remain faithful to one blockchain.

BNB-chain is for the BEP-20 and (the phasing out) BEP-2 ecosystems and many of its users are tired of the extremely high transaction fees related to trading for Bitcoin ($BTC). The solution to this demand for the store-of-value coin for Binance blockchain users is now in its presale stage — Bitnance Token.

Are Bitcoin Blockchain Fees or BNB-Chain Fees Higher?

The average fee for a Bitcoin-blockchain transaction as of today, in 2024 is around US$32. The BNB-chain on the other hand has an average transaction fee of $0.14 [cents].

The stark difference in buy, sell, swap transaction fees is why the 1.4-million users of Binance crypto exchange and the BNB-Chain will likely begin migrating to the Bitnance (BTN) token. A dollar saved is a dollar earned to smart money and transaction fees are projected to average over 1000% less than that of Bitcoin-blockchain. Intelligent investors on Binance Blockchain will move on from $BTC to this new store-of-value token.

Simple Price Prediction

Such a migration of funds should be followed by a steep increase of the Bitnance (BTN) token price. Its value is driven by demand, which puts pressure on the small finite supply to be sold for more. This increase of value should draw even more attention from smaller investors, who typically ‘ride the wave’ versus buying in early; a move that’s done by more educated and savvy investors such as the crypto whale who invested $12,000 into Bitnance (BTN) this week.

The amount each token will increase in value is unknown. However, if compared to Bitcoin, an theoretical value of demand could be derived. The $BTC is currently priced at $69,712 with 19,710,246 [million] coins in circulation and 219-million people using it. With easy division, this would mean each person using Bitcoin has contributed to $0.003 [cents] to its overall value.

Keeping the theorems shallow, this would mean that a similar token like Bitnance (BTN), which has half the total supply, could see each trader that holds the token contribute around $0.006 to its value; add 1 zero because the average trader of Bitcoin only has 0.01 of a coin. This means per 1250 traders that hold the token at the same time, the $BTN token could add around $0.75 [cents] in value.

vs Ethereum Blockchain’s Mollars Token

When Ethereum launched their version of Bitcoin last month, the “Mollars” store-of-value token captured the attention of thousands of crypto traders who purchased nearly 3.7-million tokens in its presale. The end result of that massive ICO, the token’s value shot up to $1.10 on it’s first day of listing on Uniswap, giving everyone invested a fast profit yield of 180%-290%, dependent on how early the crypto investors in the Mollars token’s ICO presale.

Bitnance token’s fees are even lower than Mollars and it’s going to service an even more exclusive market, that’s the native blockchain of the world’s biggest crypto exchange. The numbers could even go much higher in terms of presale buyers and the ATH set on listing day.

If the new token presale reaches its hard cap of 5.6-million tokens sold at an estimated $2-million-dollars, the bep-20 SOV could possibly top Mollars presale’s ROI gains and create a very ‘rich’ path for the store-of-value asset in 2024.

And for BNB Coin holders, this token could also help accelerate the growth of Binance Blockchain’s native coin. It will likely be the main cryptocurrency swap and buy Bitnance (BTN) in its initial phases. Some speculate the new store-of-value token is part of the reason Binance Coin hit a new ATH last week.