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Tips To Maximize Crypto Trading Signals

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Here is a guide on how to find the best crypto trading signals.

Tip 1 – Find What Works For You

Expert traders and analysts are pros at sifting through the plethora of information to capitalize on trading signals. But there are many providers in the market offering information on the thousands of crypto pairs so liquidity and understanding how the crypto interacts with other instruments like options is a key consideration.

After all, if you pay good money for a service you want to be able to use it as much as possible. But if trading illiquid and uncommon cryptos is your strategy, a service provider shouldn’t be wasting their time looking at the most common pairs like BTC/USD.

Tip 2 – Free Isn’t Better

As is typically the case with everything in life, if someone is good at something, they should command money for their knowledge. The same goes for crypto trading signals. If someone is an expert at trading cryptos why would they give away their knowledge for free? Everyone is in the business of making money and there is no money to be made by giving something away for free.

Tip 3 – Ask Around

The internet is by far the most important source of information for anything and everything crypto-related. Check out the most popular forums to find unbiased and expert reviews. Ask around for tips and tricks.

Tip 4 – Rise Of The Machines

Instead of paying for trading signals, why not pay to customize an automated trading strategy, also referred to as a trading robot. This refers to software that you can tailor to your own specifications to identify trading opportunities on your behalf. It can even scan the crypto universe while you are sound asleep or at your regular 9 to 5 job.

Tip 5 – Do You Want Quality Or Quantity?

Some trading signal providers seek small opportunities where the profit margin can be a few pennies. Multiply these types of gains by dozens of times a day each day and the small miniscule gains don’t seem much small at all.

Traders looking for signals that can generate at least a double-digit percentage return would find this type of service to be useless.

Tip 6 – Seconds, Minutes, Hours Or Days?

Some traders like to get in and out of a trade after receiving a signal in a matter of seconds. This would be more consistent with Wall Street stock trading strategies. Some may find this strategy to be beneficial but prefer signals with a timeframe in the minutes, or hours.

Others are much more patient and can sit around on a trade for days, weeks, or even months.


There is no right or wrong trading strategy when it comes to any instrument, especially cryptos. It is a good thing there are enough signal providers in the market to satisfy everyone’s wants and needs. You just need to be sure you are paying for what you want.