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This Meme Coin Can Rocket 100x – Final Chance to Buy Dogeverse Before Launch in 3 Days

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 4 min read

The next meme coin to explode is Dogeverse, and there are only three days left to buy the token before it lists on exchanges.

Multichain Dogeverse’s presale definitively ends at 10 am UTC on 3 June 2024. Claiming of purchased tokens takes place two days later on 5 June at 10am UTC.

In the space of two months Dogeverse has raised in excess of $15 million, making it one of the biggest hitters in the presale market this year.

Marked up at the final low price of $0.00031, the price is expected to rocket when the token lands on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), so there genuinely is no time to lose for prospective buyers wanting to take advantage of the lowest prices.

Dogeverse is unique among meme coins – it is live on 6 chains

It should be no surprise that the coin has attracted so much attention, and money, given its unique design found nowhere else in the meme coin sector.

$DOGEVERSE is the first six-header multichain meme coin. The token presale is already live on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base, providing unparalleled accessibility across the cryptoverse.

Ethereum remains the No.1 commercial rails of the industry, so it makes sense to be on there. As an example of that preeminent position in the market, it is worth noting that 85% of Dogeverse token sales have been on Ethereum.

But the team at Dogeverse has a much more ambitious vision and so has a version of the coin on Solana too, which at this moment in time is probably the top chain for launching meme coins, due to its lower cost profile compared to Ethereum.

Then there are the Etherum Layer 2 scaling solution protocols Polygon ($MATIC) and Base (invented by Coinbase) added to the Dogeverse universe.

Finally, Layer 1 direct competitor to Ethereum, Avalanche, capable of transaction per second seeds of 6,500 joins the Doge multiverse.

The new ecosystem’s multichain travelling abilities means chain hopper ‘Cosmo the Doge’ can turn up almost anywhere – even pay a visit to The Beatles, circa the 60s.

But seriously folks, Cosmo is the face of what could turn out to be one of the most powerful crypto networks in the industry.

For years interoperability has been a bug-bear of crypto participants, having to navigate cumbersome bridges, wrapped coins and the like.

By adopting six of the most popular chains in crypto today, Dogeverse goes a long way towards helping solve some of crypto’s useability issues.

Cosmo is much more than simply the cute face of yet another Doge project. With $15m+ in the bank – or should that be wallet – Dogeverse is building the future of blockchain interoperability.

Deep pockets make Dogeverse one of the best presales to buy today say crypto experts – next 100x meme coin?

Cilinix Crypto YouTube channel has selected Dogeverse as one of the best three presales in the market right now.

The crypto expert makes the excellent point that if you are fishing in the presale market a good rule of thumb is to checkout the ones that have raised the most money.

With more funds raised it means big presales have the resources to supply the development funds to build out the project ,as well as to provide ample liquidity that makes trading the coin a breeze.

With those points in mind, the $15 million-plus raise achieved by Dogeverse sets it apart.

Although there is risk attached to all activity in the crypto market, those looking for the highest alpha returns will find the real gems in the meme coin sector. This is especially so among the presale offerings, as Cilinix Crypto also notes, where you have a chance to buy before the coins list.

The merging of meme coins and AI in a way that brings innovation to the table, as Dogeverse has done with its multichain offering, is rightly grabbing attention.

Dogecoin price is up 188,893% since its all-time low in May 2015, while $PEPE has recently been reaching new highs, proving that meme coins are not just hear to stay but are still paying off in spectacular fashion for savvy investors.

There’s every chance that Dogeverse could be the next 100x meme coin.

Meanwhile, the dominance of the Doggie-theme is evident among the top 10 meme coins, as listed by CoinMarketCap, where seven of the entrants are dog-related:

New trending coin Dog-go-the-moon ($DOG) hit a $700 million market capitalization valuation shortly after listing.

Articles praising Dogeverse, or at least putting it onto the radar of crypto watchers, are everywhere.

Decrypt, The Economic Times, NewsBTC,, CryptoPotato, and are just some of the leading crypto news outlets where interested parties can find positive mentions of Dogeverse.

Stake $DOGEVERSE today to earn 44% and secure pole position for top returns

Not to be overlooked, there’s also passive income from staking available for Dogeverse presale contributors.

Investors can earn up to 44% per annum by staking, with rewards distributed over a two-year period.

Presale staking, as well as rewarding early investors, also removes some of the selling pressure that might emerge when the coin lists.

Stakers must hold their tokens for seven days from the commencement of the token’s decentralized exchange listing date.

Don’t miss the last opportunity to contribute to the Dogeverse presale and profit from crypto’s multichain future.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.