New Coin Listing to Watch on LBank Today – IMPT Token

Joel Frank
Last updated: | 3 min read

Investors in crypto-based carbon credit trading platform are holding their breath ahead of what is likely to be the most important moment in the nascent platform’s life. At 10am UTC on Wednesday the 14th of December,’s IMPT token will be listed on cryptocurrency exchange LBank, which will mark the first time the project’s tokens will have traded on any crypto exchange.’s presale of the IMPT token ended back on the 11th of December after the project had raised an eye-watering $20.5 million. It’s not surprising then that has been consistently ranked as one of the hottest crypto pre-sales of the year.

IMPT to List at $0.0253, But Could Go Higher

IMPT’s initial listing price has been set at $0.0253, 10% higher than the price of its token in the final stage of the pre-sale. According to some industry experts, could be a massive hit, with the platform set to take advantage of the desire of businesses, investors and consumers to offset their environmental impact, while also bringing the transparency of the blockchain.

IMPT has been making waves in the crypto space as of late. Top cryptocurrency experts and influencers from across the globe have been raving about the project, including the likes of CryptoHeroesLIVE, one of Germany’s top analysts, Wise Advise, one of India’s top analysts, VoskCoin and Jacob Bury.

Meanwhile, last week,’s CEO and CTO gave a keynote speech at the World Blockchain Summit in Bangkok.

With the size of the carbon credit market expected to 100x in valuation over the next few decades, according to McKinsey, as businesses, government and individuals step up their efforts to tackle their carbon emissions, it is easy to imagine the value of’s IMPT token going a lot higher than its $0.0253 initial listing price.

What is is a blockchain-based carbon credit trading platform that is designed to make it easier for businesses and consumers to offset their carbon footprint. Users acquire carbon credits by accumulating IMPT tokens, which then they then convert into carbon credits that are issued as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users can then hold onto these carbon credit NFTs, trade them on IMPTs marketplace, or burn them, in which case they will receive a new NFT with unique artwork.

But is much more than just a carbon credit marketplace. The project seeks to incentivize consumers to engage in “responsible shopping” with environmentally-conscious brands. Users will be able to shop on the websites of the more than 10,000 brands that have committed to the project and gain IMPT tokens from each purchase via an online widget.

Meanwhile, has an inbuilt mechanism to encourage users, be that individuals or businesses, to accumulate and burn carbon credit NFTs. The platform gives users an score, which goes up each time a user shops and accumulates IMPT tokens, refers new users to the platform, gets and retires NFT carbon credit NFTs. Business owners can integrate the platform into their stores, which will also boost their score.

Investors wary of new crypto projects should note that’s founding team has been Know Your Customer (KYC) verified by CoinSniper and the project has undergone a full security audit by Hacken. CoinSniper and Hacken are both widely respected firms know to only greenlight legitimate crypto projects.

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