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This DeFi Project Provides 20% Compounded Returns Per Month Through Its TradFi High-Frequency Trading Solution – $62 Million AUM.

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An increasingly popular DeFi project provides a 20% compounded monthly return through its high-frequency TradFi trading solution.

With over $62 million in assets under management (AUM), XETA Genesis has delivered 20% returns to its users every month for the past 15 months.

The project has handed over $44 million in returns for its users, demonstrating its ability to remain consistent – even during a bear market.

The good news is that its membership is still open, and you can get started for as little as $250 and begin earning a solid 20% return every month.

XETA Genesis is offering a 20% Compounded Return Per Month

XETA Genesis is offering access to consistent returns to consumers, day traders, and fund managers.

The project mixed magical blockchain technology with traditional finance to create an ecosystem that can reward users through cleverly implemented TradFi trading.

As a result, XETA Genesis is the first Web3 utility project that seamlessly bridges DeFi with TradFi, providing traditional finance consistent returns to the volatile decentralized finance industry.

The platform offers two routes to earning a monthly 20% return, one of which is compounded.

Based in Belize, the project was co-founded by Gavin Minty and Twitter personality @Shotime2kX.

Overall, XETA Genesis has created an innovative way of connecting TradFi with DeFi to provide consistent returns to users in the bear market.

Completely Safe and Secure With a Proven Track Record

By utilizing the decentralized nature of DeFi, XETA Genesis allows users to deposit USDC into the platform to earn returns through TradFi trading.

XETA Genesis offers high-frequency trading across multiple financial instruments, including Gold and Forex trading.

The project is completely safe, with a track record that spans 15 months.

XETA Genesis currently has $24 million in deposits, which has provided $44.8 million in returns in total.

It also has over $62 million in assets under management,

As a result, XETA Genesis is one of the only DeFi products that’s managed to provide a consistent 20% return every month during one of crypto’s worst bearish periods.

The returns are delivered through state-of-the-art trading strategies that implement intuitive risk management.

The trading strategy is designed to capture small gains in the FX market over the medium term, utilizing leverage to amplify returns.

Through its intra-day and long-term strategy, XETA Genesis states that its trading signals deliver 95% accuracy by using careful analysis, proven trading techniques, and discipline to minimize loss.

Furthermore, its Gold trading strategy has provided 68% to 294% returns over the last six years of operations.

The trading is conducted through its regulated trading brokerage, Equiti, headquartered in Dubai with offices in London, Cyprus, and Jordan.

The brokerage provides custodian services that let XETA Genesis conduct trading for other users, and the FCA, cySEC, and JSC regulate it.

How To Get Involved?

Getting started on XETA Genesis couldn’t be easier.

There are two options to start earning a 20% return:

  1. Membership Accounts
  2. XETA Genesis Pools

The membership accounts have three tiers for deposits of $250 USDC, $500 USDC, and $1,000 USDC.

These membership accounts provide 20% returns every 28 days. This means you can withdraw your returns every 28 days.

After a year, your account expires, and you will need to open another membership account to continue earning.

There’s a $25 maintenance fee every month that must be maintained alongside the 2.5% withdrawal fee.

It’s important to mention that this is a membership account, not an investment into XETA Genesis. Therefore, you can’t withdraw your principal after the membership expires.

However, you will still earn more than 100% returns after the membership period if the returns stay at 20%.

The second option to start earning is through XETA Genesis Pools, which provide compounded interest.

The Genesis Pools have different rules and parameters as they are part of the XETA Fund.

They have a different set of fixed sizes for investment, including the following.

  • $10,000 tier providing 5% monthly return
  • $50,000 tier providing 10% monthly return
  • $100,000 tier providing 15% monthly return
  • $250,000 tier providing 20% monthly return

Unlike the membership accounts, users can withdraw their principal after 12 months if they wish to – or continue earning the same return without renewing.

There are also 28-day withdrawal windows for the Genesis Pool, allowing you to earn your return every 28 days.

The pools come with a 2.5% monthly maintenance fee on the principal balance, with a 2.5% withdrawal fee.

All deposits, withdrawals, and gains can be tracked through the streamlined and easy-to-use XETA Dashboard.

Users simply connect their DeFi wallets to the platform to get started and choose which account they wish to enroll on.

Get Started Today and Start Earning

Overall, XETA Genesis is a brilliant way to bring some TradFi gains into your DeFi portfolio for diversification.

Instead of risking your finds in DeFi liquidity mining protocols with diminishing returns, you can trust them with a group of highly experienced traders with a brilliant track record to provide consistent returns.

With its membership account and Genesis Pools still open for everybody, you have the perfect opportunity to get positioned in this brilliant project to start earning a consistent 20% every month.