This Altcoin is a Must-Have on Your Watchlist For the December Bull Run – Here’s Why

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

December is predicted to be a spectacular month for the crypto market.

The growing optimism among investors is evident, and according to industry analysts, the market is setting the stage for an unprecedented bull wave.

In this article, we will introduce you to a cryptocurrency that has all the right ingredients to outshine the market during the next uptrend.

Why investors are hoarding Chimpzee 

Chimpzee is currently hosting a presale of its native token CHMPZ. Due to the massive influx of investors, the presale is now in the final (16th) stage. It will end within days.

There are multiple reasons why investors are flocking to the CHMPZ presale. To begin with, the token is predicted to climb 1500% to 3000% on its upcoming release.

But why is that again?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most compelling reasons behind the surging popularity of Chimpzee.

1. Chimpzee is a meme coin with a purpose 

Chimpzee, if you haven’t guessed from the name already, is a meme coin.

The half-human, half-ape character is designed to draw attention from the meme community, which has a history of setting off some of the biggest bull runs in history.

By using a meme coin identity, Chimpzee’s objective is to build awareness around its larger goal. That is to bring more vigor to climate action through wildlife conservation.

Although Chimpzee takes advantage of a meme coin label, it is a green token at its core. It taps into Web3 capabilities and crypto incentivization to put forward a pioneering environmental project.

While awareness campaigns are a key tool in climate action, they fall short in efficacy. They can’t beat the human tendency to disregard threats perceived as distant.

With a robust crypto reward system, Chimpzee bridges the gap.

This utility aspect of Chimpzee sets it apart from the broader meme coin market. It strengthens the long-term and short-term price projections of Chimpzee.

2. Engagement earns rewards 

The Chimpzee ecosystem rewards users for their engagement and community activity through multiple modes.

The rewards are paid out in $CHMPZ tokens. Being crypto tokens, they can be sold on public crypto exchanges for the market price. In other words, unlike loyalty points, these reward tokens can be used outside the ecosystem.

There are multiple ways a user can engage with Chimpzee and earn rewards.

The first is shopping. The Chimpzee Store features trendy t-shirts, beautifully designed mugs, and other merchandise with impactful slogans. If you are someone who likes to raise awareness about climate action among your family, friends, and colleagues, you can buy them. Every purchase on the shop-to-earn platform comes with rewards that you can sell on crypto exchanges.

The Chimpzee Store is now live for viewing. The full-fledged version with shop-to-earn features will be launched soon.

The trade-to-earn platform, on the other hand, is for active NFT traders. It features a profit-sharing mechanism in a first-of-its-kind move. The Chimpzee NFT Marketplace is currently under development.

The third platform will be a play-to-earn game called The Zero Tolerance Game. It features the central half-human, half-ape character of the meme coin, which is in a staunch fight against wildlife destruction. Apart from providing an engaging avenue, the platform also raises awareness about climate action among the young generation.

Chimpzee NFT Passports give holders attractive privileges in the ecosystem and an advantage over everyone else.

3. Deflationary tokenomics that supports price action 

Chimpzee features deflationary tokenomics. It is enabled through a vigorous token-burning mechanism that has been implemented right from the presale stage.

For example, Chimpzee has been burning a share of its token supply every time it hits a presale milestone.

The mechanism allows the project to cut down its token supply and support the price action of $CHMPZ through controlled scarcity. After all, price and supply share an inverse relationship. The token burning is particularly effective in the crypto market, which is known for its volatile movements. It is key to the long-term sustainability of a project.

4. Strong credibility 

Chimpzee has maintained strong credibility ever since the announcement of its green crypto ecosystem. It has collaborated with multiple, reputable organizations dedicated to environmental conservation.

As shown above, the project has also completed security checks from reliable sources. Moreover, it has been featured across various credible crypto publications for its novel Web3 vision rooted in sustainability.

How to invest in Chimpzee?

You can buy $CHMPZ tokens to invest in Chimpzee. After the presale Chimpzee will also introduce the very limited NFT Passports.

Chimpzee is hosting the last stage of its presale now. It comes with attractive bonuses, giveaway access, and priority access for the NFT whitelist event.

Given that the token is predicted to surge soon after its initial listing on the P2B crypto exchange, the presale offers the best entry to the investment.