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The World on Brink of Second Decade of Bitcoin

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Today is January 3rd, the tenth anniversary of the first block in the Bitcoin blockchain mined, also known as the Genesis block. Of course, the cryptoverse has taken to the internet to celebrate this day, from simply wishing Bitcoin a happy birthday, over going through all the events that brought Bitcoin to where it is today, to ideas on how to celebrate this birthday in a meaningful way.

The rising Earth above the lunar horizon. Source: NASA

If you’ve been reading up on the interesting tidbits about Bitcoin’s history, you may know that the genesis block of Bitcoin contains the text “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks,” as this was the headline of The Times newspaper on that day. Now, ten years later, that very same newspaper is featuring Bitcoin on the bottom of its front page thanks to cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX, where the writing says, “Thanks, Satoshi. We owe you one. Happy 10th birthday, Bitcoin.”

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Included is the hash of the Bitcoin block 554,509, mined today, and co-founder of mining rig manufacturer Bitmain, Jihan Wu, and Bitcoin wallet and major mining pool BTC.com teamed up to have that block include the phrase “Thanks Satoshi” in honor of Bitcoin’s 10th birthday.

Also, it looks like the today’s issue of The Times might become extremely popular:


If you’re not lucky to buy one, you can read the article, published in the newspaper, online.

And here you can find sellers of the original Bitcoin Genesis Block newspaper, but be ready to pay at least USD 50,000 per copy.

The phrase that Satoshi Nakamoto included on that day was not a purely spontaneous decision: a decade later, it proves that the genesis block was created on the same day the network was released, which means that Satoshi couldn’t have built up a secretly premined chain, undermining the network. However, YouTuber and crypto influencer Ivan on Tech adds another meaning to that phrase: “That’s the reason Bitcoin exists. Bitcoin is the cure.”

And Reddit user u/jam-hay reminds us that Bitcoin is stronger than ever ten years after its inception: “For years we have had to put up with condescending mainstream media, finance and political pundits sneering at the very thought that a group of volunteer developers could somehow create a free, open-source, decentralized and secure way for everyday people to store and send value to each other almost instantly.. all over the planet and beyond. 10 years on and we have over 2,000+ cryptocurrencies, 16,000+ markets and a combined market cap of $130bn […] This new wave of Fintech spawned by Satoshi will do to the banking sector, what online shopping has done to brick and mortar shops.”

There is also a countdown to the exact time when Bitcoin’s birthday falls: 18:15 GMT. Joining the celebration is Didi Taihuttu, best known as the man who sold almost everything he owned, poured it into bitcoin and moved his family into a trailer park. In his congratulations, he is joined by the rest of his family from their trailer.

And Bitcoin economist Saifedean Ammous reminds us why we love the digital currency so much. “Bitcoin has now been operating for ten years without confirming a single fraudulent transaction, and without deviating from its original monetary issuance schedule. Deal with it!” he wrote on Twitter.

But how do you celebrate if you’d like to be more proactive? Francis Pouliot, CEO and co-founder of Canadian Bitcoin company Bull Bitcoin, tweets his ideas:

Twitter user @verretor puts the birthday into perspective: “For Bitcoin’s 10th birthday, the U.S. government is shutdown,” he tweeted. User @hodlonaut gives us a quick rundown of the past decade:

And @CryptoScamHub does what the cryptoverse usually does best: makes a meme out of the situation.

And for a truly memorable 10th birthday, many faces from the community came together to sing a song. A total of 21 people sang, and while not all of them could make a career out of it, the song is touching – and reminds us of the true values in crypto.


Below are a few more celebration moments:






Happy birthday, Bitcoin! Let the second decade begin.