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The Uncharted is the Fastest-Selling Collection of 2022: $500k Raised and 2,000 NFTs sold

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The Uncharted becomes the fastest-selling NFT collection of 2022 after raising $500K for 2000 NFTs in less than a few weeks. The project’s success amid the persistent crypto winter comes as a relief to the crypto community.

Space Voyage into TradFi 

The Uncharted is a pioneering collection of 21,000 NFTs that aims to bridge the gap between TradFi and Web3. It is set apart by its novel blockchain use case that gives real returns to users from the traditional market. Unlike most NFTs that currently swamp the market, The Uncharted’s returns are not limited to the value appreciation of digital collectibles.

Revenue collected from the sales of The Uncharted NFTs goes to the XETA Capital Fund (XCF), underpinned by advanced and secure HFT (High-Frequency Trading) algorithms. The fund is managed by a team of seasoned analysts and industry experts with more than ten years of experience in the industry. The credibility of the team speaks for the fund’s profitability. 

The Uncharted distributes a share of the monthly profit generated from the fund to NFT investors. The returns are airdropped into their account every quarter. With time, the fund will compound, in turn, improving the profitability of the NFTs. The compounded structure of the fund, rooted in the traditional market, makes The Uncharted NFTs a compelling buy in the bear market. 

It also goes a long way in mitigating the risks that come with NFT investments, factoring in the current market volatility. In a unique approach, The Uncharted uses NFTs to generate real-world returns for users.

A New Way of Making Money from NFTs 

Despite the remarkable profitability of HFT funds, they have long been inaccessible to retail investors with small capital. That is the case with most high-performing trading funds. Small players can’t afford the skills or resources required to yield good returns from the traditional markets. 

This is where The Uncharted steps in. It helps users explore TradFi with a small initial investment, introducing one of the best methods to make money from NFTs. The project promises around 20% monthly returns on the NFTs for three years. At the end of the three-year period, the underlying HFT fund will be distributed back to investors and The Uncharted LTD. A common concern is whether the NFTs will be locked for the scheduled three-year period. 

That’s not the case, the project clarifies. Investors can liquidate their Uncharted NFTs anytime they want on NFT marketplaces. They don’t have a lock-in period. The Uncharted reinstates faith in the future of NFTs with an excellent use case when most NFT collections are focused on creating hype.

Why are The Uncharted NFTs Fast Selling Out?

The key factor that sets apart The Uncharted in the crowded NFT market is its unique business model that brings TradFi profits to Web3. It allows small-scale investors to earn returns from lucrative HFT funds. The traditional rooting of the returns explains the fast-paced progress of the NFT sale.

The Uncharted is powered by Xeta Capital, an acclaimed wealth management platform that eases users into technically complex financial markets. XETA Capital’s track record, financial backing, and partnerships give it a strong foothold in the industry. The fact that the funds are managed by leading financial analysts and industry experts also adds to the NFT collection’s credibility. Their identity is public, ruling out the chances of rug pulls and scams. The Uncharted is one of the best NFTs to buy in 2022

The first 4000 users can now reserve their cabin on the Luxury Constellation Class Cruiser, The Uncharted, for $295 in ETH. The NFTs could earn up to 20% monthly returns, that is, 240% returns annually for three years. The first series or chapter of The Uncharted is titled The Southern Ring Nebula. It will be followed by more collections with exciting TradFi income opportunities.

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