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The Latest Block Hash Gambling Strategy, Earn 1000-5000USDT Per Day on obhash.win

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According to the editor’s observation, a block hash gambling method has emerged on the market recently. The lottery method is to use the last digit of the block hash on the TRON chain as the lottery number. I don’t know how many people are there. Like the editor, I have lost a lot of money on traditional baccarat and Lucky Number. The so-called principle of long-term gambling must be lost, in fact, there is a lot of cheating on the gambling platform behind it. Now the rules of block hashing are emerging, and the gambling company It is absolutely impossible to cheat in it, which undoubtedly provides us with an excellent opportunity to lick wool, let’s take revenge together.

The following is the effective strategy of the editor’s personal test. Using the famous hash betting platform: obhash.win. According to the size of the principal, the daily profit is 1000-5000U. Let’s start to earn together:

What you need to know before operating:

1. The blockchain is a decentralized network, and no one can control the results of the lottery, which eliminates the risk of gambling platform manipulation

2. After each lottery draw on the blockchain, the profit will be directly transferred to our wallet, which also eliminates the risk of the platform not withdrawing funds and running away

After knowing the above premise, let’s start to earn with confidence and boldness (it is recommended to try a small amount in the early stage, don’t overdo it, and then gradually increase the chips after the strategy is effective, or use the profit part as a chip to ensure that everything is safe)

Let’s take the lucky number (guess the size) as an example:

1. The last digit of the block hash is 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4, which are small; 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are large;

2. Bet small at the end of the transfer amount 0, bet big at the end of the transfer amount 9 

Here is our strategy:

First you need to know:

1. The tron ​​network will be packaged once every 3 seconds, which is equivalent to opening a prize every 3 seconds. Because the prize drawing speed is extremely fast and it is a decentralized network, the probability of successful betting is infinitely close to 50%. Basically, There will be no continuous large or continuous small situation 

For the data of tron ​​network, you can check: https://tronscan.org/#/

2. Single betting range: 10u-5000U

Based on the above knowledge, we start to practice our strategy: double investment strategy

Due to 10U-5000U, there is a huge space to double cast, we assume to start from 25:

The first hand: throw 20, hit, continue to 20 in the next hand, if not hit, start the second hand

The second hand: 40, if you hit, start over from the first hand, if you don’t hit, start the third hand

The third hand: 80

.. . . . . and so on

We calculate, if my principal is 5100 U, I can vote 20+40+80+160+320+640+1280+2560=5100 U, a total of eight bets

So, what is the probability of not winning eight times: (1/2) 8 = 0.39%, 3.9 per thousand, imagine, from your childhood to now, how many times have you won the 1% chance of winning? Do you know how difficult it is for 3.9 out of 1,000 to appear? In addition, the packaging rate on the TRON blockchain is extremely fast. Anyone who has studied probability theory knows that the larger the sample, the infinitely close to 50% probability, that is, basically 2 will win one. Every time I start from 50U, I have played tens of thousands, and at most I will definitely hit before the fourth bet.

The lottery is drawn on the blockchain, and the gaming company will definitely not be able to cheat. In addition, the drawing speed is fast, and the sample size is also increased, so that the probability of right or wrong is infinitely close to 50%, which greatly increases our success rate.

Hurry up! (Remind again, try a small amount in the early stage, don’t overdo it, and gradually increase the chips after the strategy is effective, or use the profitable part as a chip to ensure that everything is safe)

Of course, it is very important to choose a good platform before you smash it. To prevent money from going back and forth, I have always been on the OB platform ofYABO, a big brand, and its reputation is also guaranteed. You can try: