The Incredible Math: How $200 in Bitgert Coin Might Secure You a Million Dollars

There is an interesting statistic that everyday 1500 Bitcoin wallets become millionaire wallets following the surge of Bitcoin to over $73,000. Let’s dive into why the surge happened and what other coins can secure you the millionaire status.

Why Did Bitcoin Surge?

Bitcoin generated an impressive inflow of over $500M in its ETF. This is a clear indication of the interest in cryptocurrencies by the general population. Finance corporations like BlackRock have increased their Bitcoin holdings which is generating a very bullish sentiment for everyone investing in the cryptocurrency space.

What Other Coin Can Make Me Millions?

If you think getting into Bitcoin now may be a little risky then you should take a look at the Bitgert coin. Bitgert has gained popularity recently and seems to be the next major thing in cryptocurrencies. The Bitgert coin is unique as it offers some features like near-zero gas fees with some amazingly high speeds of transactions. While a chain like Solana is said to have a maximum TPS of 65.000, Bitgert has an impressive TPS of 100,000. This has made experts speculate if this coin will be the “Solana Killer”. The Bitgert team has been dedicated to the ecosystem by launching other products like the Bitgert Exchange and even a decentralized marketplace.

What is the Coin Trading at?

The Bitgert coin is currently trading at a value of $0.0000003529 which is up 10% in the last 24 hours and up 60% in the last week. Bitgert has been able to outperform its competition and give great returns on investments.

The Bitgert coin has amassed a community of over 600K followers on their X account and boats an impressive 25M+ on-chain transactions.

Where is Bitgert Headed Now?

The Bitgert team has been dedicated and it seems to be paying off. The team is working tirelessly to get the coin listed on major exchanges soon which has experts predicting the value of the coin to go up to $0.0001 soon. That’s a staggering 2000% increase from its current price of  $0.0000003529.


The surge of Bitcoin has been able to make 1500 new Bitcoin millionaires every day. This begs the question of which other coin can make the next set of cryptocurrency millionaires. Experts predict the newly popular Bitgert coin to be the one able to provide returns of 2000% soon which can make an investment of even $200 a million dollars in the long run.


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