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The Fitness Industry is About to be Disrupted by Fight Out’s Revolutionary Move-to-Earn Technology – Here’s How it Works

Tom Sheen
Last updated: | 2 min read

The fitness industry is set for a major shake-up in 2023 when revolutionary new crypto project Fight Out is released.

The Fight Out app is set to be a game-changer and will allow users to earn rewards while completing workouts at home or in a gym.

Unlike previous move-to-earn projects, which largely focused on counting steps and required expensive NFTs to get started, Fight Out will use smart technology to capture a wide range of motion and will be available via an app subscription.

The native token, FGHT, is currently enjoying a highly successful presale, with more than $4 million raised. 

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Smart Tech and Unrivaled M2E Rewards – How Fight Out Works

Fight Out uses smart technology to track movement, effort, sleep and nutrition and develop a digital fitness avatar, as well as provide individual training regimes.

Users complete workouts at home or at the gym, with Fight Out also enabling users not just to earn rewards for walking or running but by doing a wide variety of exercises.

The regimes focus on everything from strength and conditioning to technique and mental wellness, providing easy access to elite coaching and high-quality instructional videos – making it perfect for those starting their fitness journey or professional athletes.

Fight Out users earn REPS – a second, off-chain token – for completing workouts and upgrading their avatar, with additional REPS earned with users pitting themselves against others in daily, weekly and monthly challenges.

REPS can be used to get discounts on the app, book coaching and personal training sessions, or purchase training equipment, supplements and apparel.

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FGHT Token Presale Ongoing

FGHT tokens are used to underpin the project, fund its development and can also be staked to grant holders a passive income.

The presale is set to run until March 31, 2023, after which it will be listed on a variety of exchanges from April 5 – with Uniswap, LBank, BitForex, DigiFinex, Changelly Pro, BKEX and all confirmed.

The price of FGHT increases every 12 hours to a maximum of $0.0333. 

Presale buyers can also earn up to 50% in bonus tokens depending on the purchase size and the length of the vesting period they select (see image above).

More information on the tokenomics of the project and the bonus scheme can be found in the whitepaper, potential investors can also keep up to date by joining the Fight Out Telegram group.

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