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The Enterprise-Level blockchain solution, Nytro Chain, is bringing the world of banking to the blockchain industry.

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Nytro Chain’s unique features and high on-chain transactional speed will help many enterprises transit to the world of blockchain seamlessly.

SINGAPORE - APRIL 11, 2023 - Nytro Chain is a Layer 2 network that helps facilitate transfers between multiple blockchains. It has announced its plans to launch a unique platform allowing businesses and institutions to transition into the blockchain space. The project has yet to reveal its system to the public and is expected to revolutionize the digital banking industry by deploying its system in July 2023 on the Avalanche network.

Nytro Batch Payment System

This system enables users to fill in as many transaction slips as they like before submitting a transfer to the blockchain. Layer 2 of the Nytro Chain batches those transactions as individual ones before deploying to the Layer 1 chain. This process saves an enormous amount of time for the user.

Nytro Multi-Signature Wallet function

The Multi-Signature Wallet will increase security by way of multiple key requests. This is suited for large-scale wallet holdings, which require approval from multiple entities before the transaction is sent. The entities can facilitate up to 20 transactions at the user’s request. This super high-security line will suppress many fears of large-scale organizations holding currency in digital wallets.

Scheduled Transactions feature

This feature will allow the user to create a scheduled transaction, much like a banking system allows. Users can also make recurring payments as individuals or in batches. Nytro Chain’s timing feature is the next generation in the blockchain technology space. 


Nytro Chain has its own unique accounting system, which will enable users to invoice and bill directly from the blockchain. This system, incorporated with the rest of Nytro Chain’s unique features and 200x on-chain transactional speed, will help many enterprises make the smooth transition over to the world of blockchain.

About Nytro Chain

Nytro Chain is designed specifically for enterprise-level business applications. The platform aims to provide a scalable and flexible solution for businesses looking to simplify their payment processes.