27 Mar 2021 · 3 min read

The CLEVER Fight: Bulls VS Bears

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The launch of the Clever DeFi native token CLVA has been received with excitement by the crypto community, with the price mooning subsequently. Like any token in the crypto space, the bears had begun to pull back its price in recent days.

However, after the bears pushed back the price, they were not strong enough to generate a temporary trend reversal. As a result, today, the bulls are stronger, quickly eliminating losses from previous days.

To know the current situation and forecast possible future movement, we analyze the Clever DeFi ecosystem.

Unique Yield Farming Platform

Clever DeFi is an automatic yield farming platform designed to revolutionize the traditional saving system. The protocol encourages investors to hold its native token CLVA by offering regular interest payments to token holders.

This is achieved using a decentralized distribution mechanism (DDM) encoded in its smart contracts. The DDM mints new CLVA tokens and distributes them to token holders every 14 days within a defined cycle system.

Clever DeFi token distribution is designed to last for 888 cycles which is equivalent to 34.15 years. This provides enough time for investors to make sustained profits on holdings and gives assurance about the DeFi protocol's viability.

One of the selling points of Clever DeFi is the potential for massive compound interest payments on tokens. CLVA token holders can make up to 307% compound interest for holding their tokens for 12 months.

To place this into perspective, traditional banks offer less than 5% interest on savings, while popular ETFs offer around 10%. Within the DeFi sector, most yield farming protocols offer 70-150% on staked tokens. This makes CLVA the highest yield farming platform for investors to make impressive returns on their investments.

Apart from the impressive yields offered by Clever DeFi, the DeFi protocol also made a policy to control potential rug pull and scams. The protocol deployed a zero initial supply policy which meant that the Clever DeFi development team did not pre-mine tokens.

This, according to Clever, was to mitigate against future dumps of the token that has characterized the DeFi sector. It should be recalled that popular DEX Sushiswap experienced a similar dump when its leading developer Chef Nomi swapped SUSHI tokens to Ethereum, leading to a price dip.

The Clever DeFi team decided against pre-mining tokens, and instead, a fraction (0.1%) of the CLVA tokens minted fortnightly will be dedicated to the development of the protocol.

Why CLVA Bulls Will Outpace the Bears?

Clever DeFi has shown impressive development of its protocol since its launch in 2020. When analyzing DeFi protocols, it is essential to look at the significant activities within its ecosystem.

Clever DeFi is a relatively new project but has made significant strides. In February, the protocol had its minting phase where early investors were able to accumulate CLVA at the very best price. The minting stage attracted attention from the crypto community, with over 300,000 CLVA tokens worth $1.2 million minted.

Following the Minting phase, CLVA was listed on popular decentralized exchange UniSwap on March 17, 2021. The listing on Uniswap meant that thousands of traders could provide liquidity on the CLVA/ETH trading pair.

As expected, the Uniswap effect saw an exponential increase in CLVA token value, with investors making tidy profits on their investments. This development shows that the current bullish run from CLVA is only just beginning.

The Clever team led by Bryan Legend has already revealed plans to list the CLVA token on more exchanges. At the time of writing, CLVA is scheduled to be listed on CoinsBit, and Hotbit. The token is currently listed on Uniswap and centralized exchange P2PB2B.

Also, there are plans to introduce more earning features and products that will attract more liquidity to the DeFi protocol, thereby driving the price of CLVA. This is the best time to hold CLVA tokens.

We expect that the price of CLVA will increase by 200% before the end of the first quarter of 2021. To learn more about Clever DeFi, check the website https://clva.com/.