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The Case For Investing In Crypton (CRP) Cryptocurrency, A Private Coin Of The Utopia Ecosystem

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At a time when bitcoin is trading near historical all-time highs, investors are scrambling to find the next big idea in the cryptocurrency universe. Certainly, there is no lack of options for investors to choose from but investors are encouraged to take a close look at the Crypton (CRP) cryptocurrency because of its many unique advantages.

What Is Crypton?

Crypton is considered to be one of the most recent important developments in the cryptocurrency universe given its features as a true privacy coin. Crypton is the internal cryptocurrency of the Utopia P2P network which is a revolutionary data privacy project created anonymously.

Crypton is based on a combination of blockchain and its own protocols from the Utopia P2P ecosystem. This is truly the first of its kind within the brief history of cryptocurrencies and is available for trading on exchange platforms latoken.com and zg.com

Much like bitcoin, no one knows the true founder or founders of Crypton. The brains behind Crypton felt it necessary to remain anonymous to avoid pressure from governments and third parties.

An investment in Crypton contributes to the usage of private tools, including:

  • A decentralized and encrypted instant messenger called uMessenger.
  • A secure file sharing platform called uMail.
  • An anonymous browser with hidden traffic called Idyll Browser.
  • An encrypted e-wallet offering based on blockchain technology called uWallet.
  • A secure alternative to the legacy Domain Name System (DNS) called uNS.
  • A bot that uses proof-of-memory technology to earn Cryptons just for using the ecosystem called Mining bot.

Why Should You Invest In Crypton?

Crypton (CRP) is among the most promising cryptocurrencies of 2020 given its superior privacy offerings. But at its core, Crypton (CRP) has many everyday features that are relevant to lots of people. The decentralized digital currency can be used to pay for goods or services as well as paying off debt.

What makes Crypton a unique investment proposition is its protection from outside interference. If no one knows who the creator or creators are, there is no way to manipulate Crypton in the cryptocurrency market.

The fact that Crypton is an internal cryptocurrency that is part of the Utopia decentralized network is a major selling point to investors.

Investors can take comfort in knowing that Utopia boasts nearly a year of successfully operating and has amassed a reputation for pleasing users with its functional and confidential features.

A Look At Confidentiality

There are more than 100,000 users on the Utopia platform, each with their own unique wants and needs. But they all flock towards Utopia for the same reason: they require the ability to transfer data and interact with others confidentially.

Users truly appreciate the fact that no transaction data is displayed on its network and this way it can’t be tracked. The end result is an inability for other users to know the details of private transactions since there is no public access and each other of the digital currency is anonymous.

Each transaction is completed under a cryptographic signature and the transmission itself undergoes an encryption. Few other digital currencies can claim such a stringent and high level of protection against financial fraud.

A Whole New Blockchain Project

The Utopia P2P ecosystem and its internal Crypton cryptocurrency earned itself a reputation of acting above and beyond a simple blockchain project.

Utopia itself uses a separate blockchain so all financial transactions are found in the chain on master nodes. Utopia uses multiple new technologies within the technical component that increases the security and confidentiality aspect.

For example, Utopia replaces traditional DNS with a new proprietary uNS system. This acts as an alternative and secure domain name system with superior data privacy. In addition, traffic and communication between the users are fully decentralized as opposed to being built on chains, rather it uses its unique self-written Protocol.

Decentralized Network

Centralized networks where a single entity has control dominated society for decades but its era is coming to a quick end. Instead, people are demanding an alternative system like Crypton whose core feature is operating as a decentralized entity.

Crypton can never be linked to any country or government agency, such as a central bank. This gives users complete freedom to transact with each other without any sort of government supervision or eavesdropping.

No one single entity can ever become powerful or influential enough to regulate, dictate changes, or track transactions within the Crypton universe.

Bottom Line: Crypton Is Young

Crypton has no direct rival or peer that allows for a fair side-by-side comparison. But it has some similarities with bitcoin and nearly everyone on the planet knows how an investment in bitcoin a decade ago has panned out.

An investment in Crypton at such an early stage offers investors a very compelling risk to return profile. The upside, as was observed with bitcoin, can be in a return of a thousand times the investment.

The cryptocurrency market is a clear venue for investors to achieve life-changing levels of return. Crypton in particular offers investors one of the greatest chances of success.